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HalfBakery to go

CD-ROM archive for offline use
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Sell CD-ROM archives of the entire site including tools for synchronization. This would allow HBers to read old ideas they may have missed and create new ideas anytime they can't be online. (I'm thinking about long flights, train rides, etc.)

The syncronization utility should allow the user to mark new ideas (those not on the CD) for download to the local harddrive. It should also allow the posting of new ideas as well as slipping in new annotations. This should be done on a batch basis, in case local Internet access is expensive.

phoenix, Dec 17 2001

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       or Avant-Go for PocketPC
bristolz, Dec 17 2001

       "HDML" or WAP would work on my cell phone.
sfitchet, Aug 08 2003


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