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A firefox halfbakery notification extention
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alt name : bakeryzilla

Simply, this is a Mozilla Firefox extention that reads a prescribed halfbakery filter and looks for changes. In doing so, the extention is able to notify the user when, for example

A new idea is posted
One of your ideas is annotated
[farmerjohn] posts

I figured that using the halfbakery's own custom views might be the best way to deliver this notifier should I find a willing coder.

jonthegeologist, Mar 22 2005

What is RSS? http://www.xml.com/.../dive-into-xml.html
[krelnik, Mar 23 2005]

The main page as RSS http://www.halfbake...om/index-rss091.xml
See also the RSS checkboxes at the bottom of the view configuration form for custom views. [krelnik, Mar 23 2005]

geourl extension http://www.splinter....uk/experiments/71/
it's nice [neilp, Mar 23 2005]


       The view system can present its results as an RSS feed. Why not just feed that into an RSS reader, rather than screen-scraping the HTML view results?
krelnik, Mar 23 2005

       I very much like the idea and it wouldn't be that tricky to put together in firefox, I'd see it looking a bit like geourl (see link) with a glowing croissant in the status bar when there's something new on the bakery for you to look at.   

       If you could make 1 RSS feed encompassing all of your queries then the extension could 'ping' the rss feed every X minutes to see whether the top item had changed. Once you've visited the bakery, the timer can start back at zero again.   

       Definitely have to think about the load on the poor HB server.
neilp, Mar 23 2005

       HalfFox is the cooler name. Guess why......
DesertFox, Mar 23 2005

       guess the server load can be checked with [Jutta]. Sounds like there would be general interest in such an extention though.
jonthegeologist, Mar 23 2005

       And then new ideas and annotations can be sent to my mobile phone**.+
zeno, Mar 23 2005

       I'm not against this, but speaking personally anything that means I spend more time checking the halfbakery is probably not a great idea.
wagster, Mar 23 2005

       No, this means you spend less time checking the 'bakery--
notifications mean never checking when nothing's new.
yabba do yabba dabba, Mar 23 2005


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