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Idea/Annotation Timestamp

Not just the date.
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I'm not sure if this has been proposed before, but I think it would be great to be able to see the exact time that an idea or annotation was posted. This would be cool for a lot of reasons. You'd be able to see what time some of your fellow Bakers are likely to be found Baking, so you can pop in and see their newly posted ideas and get in one of the first annotations.

You could also go back and look at your old ideas and analyze your own Baking patterns over the years (It'd have to wait for a few years after this is implemented, sadly) so when your psychiatrist is trying to figure out why you have chronic insomnia, they can prescribe specific sleep schedules to help you overcome your troubles.

'twould also add a new level of nostalgia when looking back at your old ideas.

21 Quest, Feb 21 2009



       sadly I don't possess a psychiatrist...
po, Feb 21 2009

       Twenty-one forty.
nineteenthly, Feb 21 2009

       In order not to turn this into a list of times, i will now type an annotation in English. By posting those times, it's possible for [po] and i to work out that she and i are in the same time zone. As it happens, i'm on the HB map and everyone can find out where i am, but if you happened to be in a time zone which was largely over water, it could identify where someone was. They might not want that.

       Even so, i do like the idea.
nineteenthly, Feb 21 2009

       Thank you, nine. I wasn't trying to turn this into a list. And the idea is to have the time stamped in the poster's time. For instance, right now it's 13:46 here (for those who don't understand 24-hour time, that's 1:46 pm). Therefore, any annotations posted right now would have that timestamp show up.
21 Quest, Feb 21 2009

       19ly really? are you twittering?

       idea? pretty po intless!
po, Feb 21 2009

       Uh, po, why have been so hard on me lately? It doesn't really bother me a whole lot, but I am curious to know what I've said that offended you so much. I haven't meant to. Really, I haven't.
21 Quest, Feb 21 2009

       I can see the positive aspect of being able to tell when a post or anno was last edited but people usually note when they make gross edits, anyways. As per my location, just trawl through my posts/annos, I've mentioned it in passing several times.
[ ] leaning heavily towards [-]
FlyingToaster, Feb 21 2009

       2307 is, apparently, an evil number - it's also the time of this annotation
zen_tom, Feb 21 2009

       po would never be angsted at someone here. Atleast I don't think she would. She is of a warm nature.

       As for the time stamp I'm not sure I understand the need. But then I'm a time traveler...back and forth...
blissmiss, Feb 21 2009

       [Po], I do occasionally twitter but i haven't got the hang of it really. I remember when this were all teletypes and paper tape with holes in it.
I would want control over the number base, the units used and the planetary or lunar calendar involved. Oh yes, and i'd also like it in words rather than numbers, and counting down to the end of this cycle of the Mayan calendar.

       Seriously though, it's a good idea. I didn't think you were planning to make it a list, it's just that what with the first two annos being times, there seemed to be a danger of that happening unless i also said something else, so i did.
nineteenthly, Feb 21 2009

       Hello [21]... It's 2.00am and I have just been to see Gran Turino.... Clint's latest, and maybe last acting role. Some bits ok - others so, so bad, I hid behind the seat.
xenzag, Feb 21 2009

       Yeah, I just saw it a few days ago. Terribly sad about Tao's sister, but for the most part, I found it surprisingly funny. I never figured Clint for a comic role, but I guess after Every Which Way But Loose I shouldn't have been too surprised. 6:56 pm
21 Quest, Feb 21 2009

       apologies 21 - p'raps I'm a bit grumpy recently or something. I yearn for an idea that really sparkles...
po, Feb 22 2009

       Yeah, I wish I had a sparkler to give... I've had a bit of a dry spell lately.
21 Quest, Feb 22 2009

       Thanks, [Ian], i'll investigate.
nineteenthly, Feb 22 2009

       //I yearn for an idea that really sparkles...//

       Maybe we've finally thought of everything.
nineteenthly, Feb 22 2009

       Isn't that a Chinese masturbator with learning difficulties?
nineteenthly, Feb 22 2009

       That's so wrong...
21 Quest, Feb 22 2009


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