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Halfbakery Industrial Average

Current Idea Quality Average Rating
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Imagine a little graph at the left-hand side showing the current idea quality (as judged by the votes for all ideas in the last ___ hours), giving an idea where the HB market is, and where it's headed.

Modifications welcome.

galukalock, Apr 24 2003

Dow Jones Filibustrial Average http://www.alexa.co...alfbakery.com#graph
I would say that we've recovering nicely from the brief recession in mid-February, and we are actually seeing some euphoria as we head into the usual weekend lull in baking. [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Try this http://www.halfbake...ndustrial_20Average
This shows the spread of votes on the ideas created in the last 3 days. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Dr Curry's graph multiyear http://www.alexa.co...?url=halfbakery.com
[beanangel, Oct 12 2007]


       I was thinking of a graph of some sort, complete with numbers.   

       'The halfmarket jumped 60 points today after record croissanting for some great ideas.' (cut to graph)   

       You know, like that.
galukalock, Apr 24 2003

       Couldn't be that difficult to do, and might add some value. However might play more into endless analysis chatter and misuse of the voting system, with no end in site, and would create 'popularity waves.' I remain neutral.
RayfordSteele, Apr 24 2003

       I had thought of that. I'm not completely sure either.
galukalock, Apr 24 2003

       At first, I agreed with the general consensus that the pastry/fishy display was already graphing each idea's merits, but then I realized [galukalock] might be seeking a general, overall, thumbs-up or thumbs-down rating of the mood across the entire bakery when you arrive at, say, the main index screen. That way you know as soon as you log on whether today is a good day to submit your idea proposing industrial and commercial uses for mouse fart gas.   

       I think a good barometer of the mood of the bakery might be already be available by checking the tone of [UnaBubba]'s latest anno : )
Canuck, Apr 25 2003

       doesn't the chart in the link have an inverted y-axis? That would make February's spike a sudden influx rather than recession. ...later... ah, mistake noted - it looks like it is a relative ranking, not a hit rate.
badgers, Apr 25 2003

       I just linked to a view that shows you the "spread" of votes on the ideas that have been posted in the last 3 days, is that something like what you want?
krelnik, Apr 25 2003

       badgers: Alexa is actually charting popularity ranking (took me a while to figure out what it was, too), so lower numbers are better. po: mid-February, the HB was ranked by Alexa as the 100,000th most visited site on the Internet. Late February, it was ranked 14,000th most visited. I think.
krelnick: doesn't capture votes for older ideas.
DrCurry, Apr 25 2003

       sorry, still don't get it. mid-feb was 100,000 what?   

       did it have anything to do with the fact I was on half-term holiday? HB was down one weekend about then BTW.
po, Apr 25 2003

       [krelnik] Thanks fer the link. It is helpful, but I was thinking more along the lines of what [Canuck] said. Something that shows the overall altitude; like the alexa link, only small enough to fit just below the croissant.   

       Re [Rayford]'s comment earlier: I've been thinking more about it, and have decided that it probably should not be in the default view, but available as an option. That way, newbies and other transient ones (who are, let's face it, more likely to abuse the system than the regulars) wouldn't be as likely to find it and use it for nefarious purposes.
galukalock, Apr 25 2003

       //doesn't capture votes for older ideas//
The idea here says it is interested in "current idea quality", I assumed that meant ideas recently posted.

       You could probably get overall voting from that, but you'd have to do some work. Edit that filter to remove the time restriction (click edit, then uncheck the first check box at the top). Then run it repeatedly over time, and calculate deltas on the results you get. That would give you some idea of recent voting trends, though the numbers would be messed up a bit by ideas being deleted.
krelnik, Apr 25 2003

       Oh, I agree it's about as close as you can get with the material available, but galuka calls for "the votes for all ideas in the last ___ hours", which is much more of a market sentiment indicator.   

       Then again, he also says it will measure "current idea quality," which I think your statistics do.
DrCurry, Apr 25 2003

       I was going for something that would measure the trends over the last day or so (hence the 'last ___ hours' part), but include the present state as well, perhaps with a Dow Jones-style number (e. g., 1065.83, up 5.39).   

       //I think your statistics do//   

       Yes, they do, but it's a little tricky to figure. Despite all my math education, I don't know how to calculate deltas (unless delta is just another name for something I do know).
galukalock, Apr 25 2003

       the delta between A and B is B minus A
krelnik, Apr 25 2003

       Okay. Thanks.
galukalock, Apr 25 2003

       I'll invest in 200 shares of HBIA:BFRO.SV.B. This one's about due for record gains.
Cuit_au_Four, Jul 05 2006

       It looks like more users would be welcome [link]
beanangel, Oct 12 2007


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