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Half Bottle Freezer

Because Summer
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This is a counter-top freezer that has a number of holes in the top. Simply put the beverage container of your choice into one of the holes. The beverage container will protrude out of the freezer half way -- the top half of the container will remain room temperature -- but the bottom half will be soon be frozen!

You can then grab a bottle out of the half bottle freezer and be assured that your beverage will be ice cold for hours, or until the ice cube in the beverage melts.

Grogster, Jun 30 2016


       If the beverage container is sealed/unopened, we might expect it to rupture when half the liquid freezes and expands to occupy 10% more space.
Vernon, Jul 01 2016

       So, utility AND entertainment, right?   

       <...here's GROG rushing down to the Bentley dealership...>
Grogster, Jul 01 2016


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