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Instant drinks

one tablet, and you have coke, cordial, tea, coffee, ...
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If you need cures for upset tummies, there are many pills from the drug stores to try to settle the stomach. But to add to tap water, for drinking, as a drink?

Combine that with other tablets, to add fizz, or to add heat or cold, and then we have a very wide seklection of flavored drinks, fizzy or not, hot or cold.

gz, May 08 2001

A review of Fizzies. http://www.bad-cand.../candies/fizzymilk/
Note the name of the website... [StarChaser, May 08 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I'm not sure what you're suggesting here. Some kind of kit that separates out the various aspects of a drink, for the user to combine at will?   

       How do you imagine tablets that make things cold/hot work?   

       [I'm familiar with non-medicinal effervescent drink tables and packages, too; but that's still a far cry from real carbonation.]
jutta, May 08 2001

       I like the idea of "instant Coke" -- just think of hiking in the woods and you want a Coke but you have to carry the damn cans. So if you have this "Coke pill" that weighs next to nothing, you drop it into a cup of stream water and voila, Coke without making a litterbug. There is already Instant Tea, et al. Why not Co
bobzaguy, May 14 2001

       Peter: It's a little difficult for people to haul soda fountains around with them.
StarChaser, May 14 2001

       Who needs soda fountains? There are many recorded carbonated springs where I live. (Colorado)
salmon, May 14 2001

       When I was a kid I tried something that was either Fizzies or a knock-off, and it was "cola" flavored. It was an experience to cure anyone of the "I'll try anything once" philosophy.
beauxeault, May 14 2001

       This topic is instant thinking rather than instant drinking.   

       We're naked apes, so the pleasure-centres in our amygdalas "go ape" when we taste ripe fruir or an imitation thereof.   

       We've long had sucking pills for for that imitation; we call them candy or sweets.   

       Some of them [sherbet?] dissolve instantly, by fizzing, a wonderful word which links pleasure with a little bit of pain to wake you up. [Sweet-and-sour does that too.]   

       Which leads to our constant search for stimulation, and that's not only an ape thing.   

       All animal life forms have it wired everywhere into their nervous systems - "Stay alert or die".   

       And as you might expect being alert "feels good" to reward us.   

       That's why coffee makes us feel good - caffeine happens to resemble a "stay alert" messenger in the nervous system.   

       Add sugar, make it so hot it "almost" hurts and we can't get enough of the mixture.   

       Hold on - what about your instant pill?.   

       Well there're are caffeine pills in pharmacies extracted from big city coffee-grounds I'm told, but they're poor dissolvers.   

       But I can see myself getting into the morass of addictive substances so I'll conclude by remarking that "outdoors" shops stock a wide range of food and drink concentrates.   

       If they don't fulfil your dream gz, soon there'll be a patch you stick on your forehead and you'll dream you're drinking anything you want.   

       I'm branding it "ThinkaDrink, the supernatch patch".
rayfo, May 15 2001

       I used to take calcium tablets, and I loved the "soda" effect.
pashute, Nov 04 2002

       Pop Rocks, the candy, dissolve in most anything including water and make it taste pretty good, albeit like candy syrup.   

       Oh, they also make it fizzy...don't know if it's carbonation or not.
DrOuD, Mar 20 2003


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