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Half and Half Cushions

invert sofa cushions and let children loose
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Half and Half Cushions are for when your friend's children arrive and insist on jumping about all over the place, like march hares, especially on the sofa.

You just flip the cushions over, to reveal their more robust, chocolate proof/scuff proof/water-proof/stain-proof/easily wiped other side, toughened surfaces.

xenzag, Nov 03 2009

Not on topic...again but, http://weburbanist....-to-rooms-in-a-box/
this site is certainly halfbaked [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 03 2009]


       So, no dairy products?
bdag, Nov 03 2009

       Give them all soft soled slippers. Put the hook bbit of Velcro on the seats. That'll slow the little sods down a bit.
8th of 7, Nov 03 2009

       Not really halfbaked - just a very good idea. Tell Ikea about it.   

wagster, Nov 03 2009


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