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Halfbakery e-mail

A prestigious suffix
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Would it be do-able?

NickTheGreat, Sep 26 2002

Perhaps you should move your discussion over here. http://www.halfbake...Halfbakery_20Emails
Halfbaker Emails. Not what you think, but scroll down a bitty. [[ sctld ], Sep 26 2002]


       We discussed this in another idea, i think it was called 'halfbakery e-mail', but i'm not sure.
[ sctld ], Sep 26 2002

       perhaps Jutta could cover a few expenses by charging a nominal subscription (for the email address, not the HB itself)
yamahito, Sep 26 2002

       I'd be willing to get paid $120 a year if this should come to pass.
[ sctld ], Sep 26 2002

       This has been here before, with jutta responding to the effect that she isn't in the business of providing email accounts or something to that effect.
waugsqueke, Sep 26 2002

       You missed me deleting my annotations that referred to her annotations that she deleted after I made my annotations which made her remaining annotations look like she was kinda goofy. My bad...I'm fairly sure that she's not goofy.
half, Sep 26 2002

       Might draw more, unwanted attention to the HB, causing a sudden flood of ignorant newbies and trolls.
BinaryCookies, Sep 26 2002

       The halfbakery is not, and is not going to become, a business, and doing e-mail right on this kind of scale requires one. (Or at least some sort of organization - someone to answer the phone in the middle of the night when your forwarding service has been abused by some spammer for the umpteenth time, little Johnny is redirecting as his mail to his own account, twice, and the hard disk just crashed.)   

       [This isn't an ideological decision to be admired or not; I simply don't believe it would pay off.]
jutta, Sep 27 2002

       Well, Halfbakery PLC does sound classy...   

       It's just occurred to me - where does the money come from to host the bakery? No banners or anything... and such web hosting can't be too cheap. (I'm not exactly expecting an answer though)
NickTheGreat, Sep 27 2002

       NTG: You knwo the phrase, 'Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.'? Well, lets just say you can buy the t-shirt.
[ sctld ], Sep 27 2002

       [Nick], the money comes from all the licensing fees Jutta collects on the ideas he patents, wherein the ideas are those that he 'borrow's from here. Shoot, I'll bet even now, he is striking a marketing deal with Nokia for the much sought-after Squid Phone.
pathetic, Mar 03 2003

       he??? he???? um.....try again.
OpheliaFrump, Mar 03 2003

       Hmm, nice and illegal then pathetic... maybe I can sue *her* if I find trash trains circling the world, linking gardens to landfills.
(I have a rough grasp on IP laws, as I checked them out for my own site.)
Parvenu, Mar 04 2003


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