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Halfbakery Jr.

Somewhere for the kids to bake...
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I have a six year old who wishes to be known as [crash]. Like most six year olds, he wants to do what daddy does, halfbaking included. Here's an example of what he has been suggesting to me:

build a ship and you can build a machine to, like, bend it and you could, like, straighten it by making the curving machine backwards and another machine to make it go giant and all you have do to lift it up by just making a machine that can, like, lift up anything and to take off, all you have to do is press up one button and it all immediately takes off

i also think cars should have arms

Now, I would no more allow him to have his own account and post these ideas here than I would let him walk across the African savannah holding a 10lb steak and shouting "Here kitty kitty!". His little ego would be swiftly shredded by the cut and thrust of hardened 'bakers.

At the same time, this sort of creative thinking should be encouraged from a young age. It would be nice if there was a Little Halfbakery where the young 'un's could let their imagination run riot without danger of reprisal for the utter rubbish they tend to spout.

There are even a couple of current 'bakers who might find life easier there...

wagster, Nov 14 2004


       I'd certainly visit. +   

       I think if you help him write the ideas, prefacing each one with "Hi, I'm [crash] and I'm 6 years old.", we're likely not to be too cruel.   

       Oh, and I agree. Cars should have arms.
Worldgineer, Nov 14 2004

       Hey [contracts] - where did your anno go? In answer, I transcribed it. He can type nearly that well, but it would have taken half an hour instead of a couple of minutes.   

       [world] - I might let him post a couple of his better ones in this way.
wagster, Nov 14 2004

       Bring on the [crash]! And liberally delete any cruel annos you see crop up.
bungston, Nov 14 2004

       I couldn't list all the reasons that make this an amazing idea... with endless possibilities and for a great purpose. Congrats [wagster]! +++
Pericles, Nov 14 2004

       Yes. Armed cars. Good stuff, already.   

       Let the wee guy go for it, wags. World's idea is a good one, and you might have to do a little editing yourself, but if he's showing an interest, I think you should let him give it a shot on the Big Boy's HB. Gizmo used to post quite a lot, and despite being, um, chronologically challenged, he always got a good reception.   

       To quote Jack Handy - "The face of a child can say it all. Especially the mouth part of the face."
lostdog, Nov 14 2004

       I deleted it, [wags]. I've been trying to avoid cluttering up the annotations recently.
contracts, Nov 15 2004

       Hey guys... do you really think we need another crash in the bakery? ;)
Pericles, Nov 15 2004

       Alternatively, it might be a good use for the Fakebakery.
RayfordSteele, Nov 15 2004


       Of course cars need arms. To operate the ship-bending machines.
nick_n_uit, Nov 15 2004

       Good grief - the boy is clearly a more capable baker than I am. He, and others like he, need somewhere to show off their creativity...
<Gets up out of HB chair, dusts it down, motions to the boy to sit in it and with head bowed, forlornly leaves the room> (+)
Jinbish, Nov 15 2004

       [contracts] - I am interested, how do you differentiate between clutter and valid commentary?
wagster, Nov 15 2004

       Cars with arms would make signalling so much easier!
phundug, Nov 15 2004

       (+) Just drove in from Canada and boy are my arms tyred.   

       [crash] is a great name!
po, Nov 15 2004

       Hm... I don't know, aren't we running the danger of outsourcing parenting here? I think who your kid most wants to impress is you - not the invisible people behind the screen. Build something together and let the inspiration shine through, it's warmer that way.
jutta, Nov 15 2004

       Second that Jutta. I halfbake with my kids. They enjoy it, and it’s nice to spend time with them in an entertaining intellectual pursuit. I love watching their little wheels turn when I ask “how are you going to do that?” They come up with some fascinating solutions, but usually I get to suggest possibilities and teach them something new. If nothing else they’ve learned how to use the Internet as a resource instead of a toy, and that with a little creative thinking, you can make things better.
Shz, Nov 15 2004

       Infant search engine: googoogle.com
bristolz, Nov 15 2004

       agree with [Jutta] and [world]; as a responsible parent you want to see what your child is reading,so why not just preface his idea and post together. Do you really want to leave your child alone with say [TwiTChy] or other 13 year olds with incredibly foul vocabularies.
dentworth, Nov 15 2004

       Yes to the above comments. I don't let [crash] access the net without supervision anyway. Neither would I expect you lot to take time to read a six year olds unedited thought process - it's not really what the 'bakery is for. Joint baking is the only way forward on this issue, but the combination of a child's unfettered imagination and the structure of an adult's thinking process could produce some good results.
wagster, Nov 15 2004

       [bz]: Wasn't that a Donovan / Jeff Beck song?
angel, Nov 15 2004

       What!? There are children loose in the 'bakery? Send for the Child Catcher immediately!

Cars with arms seems entirely sensible to me. Also, pictures please. Don't see much need for a seperate website though. A bit of parental help and supervision is all that's required really.

Beatles fan web search engine: goo google joob
DrBob, Nov 16 2004

       Could be interesting being a moderator on such a site.
skinflaps, Nov 16 2004

       Hooray for the kiddies!! And like [DrBob] said, with drawings!
Machiavelli, Nov 16 2004

       Sure, why not. + I'm tired of sending my nephew away when I check the bakery.
k_sra, Nov 17 2004

       I think kids have inspired flashes of logic that somehow we lose as we grow older.
Long ago, I remember my younger sister asking me, when we were watching a B&W TV on a dying 12V car battery: "Why can't we have a bigger TV, then we could see their feet?"
Ling, Nov 17 2004

       pond in the kitchen? with a bridge? wonderful! I want one...
po, Nov 18 2004

       //His little ego would be swiftly shredded by the cut and thrust of hardened 'bakers.//   

       Aww, that makes me feel bad. I know I've had my hand in plenty of semi-sharp witted attacks. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Nov 18 2004

       I'm sure they didn't mean it, Fort. where ya been?
po, Nov 18 2004

       I'm a substitute teacher now with a few minutes to spare - Ironically you should ask, I was sharing a few ideas with my students. I voted according to the classroom majority on this one.
Letsbuildafort, Nov 18 2004

       a substitute teacher? what like a cardboard cut-out?
po, Nov 18 2004

       High-school babysitting, actually.
Letsbuildafort, Nov 18 2004

       [UnaBubba], snap: my daughter is just coming up to 2 years old. She has a plastic slide in the garden. About two months ago, I bought home a plastic pool. It took her about half a day to work out that she could have a water slide, just like at the local swimming pool.
She managed to tell us what she wanted by hand signals and body language, and we dutifully placed the end of the slide into the pool.
What really struck me was that the thought hadn't even occurred to me.
Ling, Nov 19 2004

       [Ling]: But is she selling entry tickets?
angel, Nov 19 2004

       I hate to admit it, but she isn't as advanced as little [UB] in that department.
By the way, I would love to help my daughter to post a few ideas, when she is older. I would log her in as [LittleLing], and make sure that her age was declared. Of course, there are some unsavoury items here and there, and some rather awkward questions: "Daddy, what's Vagina Jam?", but I don't think anything worse than elsewhere on the Net, or TV.
Ling, Nov 19 2004

       gizmo's mum did an excellent job of monitoring what the twins read.
po, Nov 19 2004

       Probably would have done me a load of good, instead of ending up where I did 2 years ago.
NickTheGreat, Nov 19 2004

       [crypticnick] - If you don't mind telling, what exactly would have done you a load of good and where did you end up 2 years ago?
wagster, Nov 19 2004

       Looking at his profile, it appears he came here.
Worldgineer, Nov 19 2004

       A Halfbakery Junior scheme, grooming me into a more... useful contributor.   

       Ask people who were around at the time if you'd like a better explanation.   

NickTheGreat, Nov 19 2004

       but you added to the fun and the mayhem. nice to see you back. (are you who I think you are btw?)(Ofsted inspector - the one with the lazy eye, fat stomach and tic)
po, Nov 19 2004

       Yup, that's the one.   

       Anywho, enough de-railing of this now I think.
NickTheGreat, Nov 19 2004

       half-pints half-baking. Excellent. They are welcome here, with supervision, already. They may spell a bit better, anyway.
sophocles, Dec 10 2004

       Bringin' it back cause it's what I posted, unknowingly redundantly, today.
daseva, May 25 2005

       This seems like a good idea. I'd bake it myself (because it would take about an hour for me to bake it with phpBB and a bunch of modifications), but it seems that, with parental supervision, the young ones are already accepted.   

       If it becomes of enough interest, i could bake it for you guys (name though may be different due to (TM)'s if HB is trademarked). Leave a note in an anno if you want me to bake it.   

       Also, I agree as well that cars need arms. Bun!   

       Bun for the idea!
wolstech, Dec 09 2006

       It seems that [crash] has come to the true HB! In any case, kids could use the HB like adults, as long as the bakers get a little less vicious. And, of course, the more...adult ideas would have to be under lockdown ("Mommy, what's a 'hot, dirty sex'? " "Well Timmy, it's what you'll be doing with Mr. Jackson in the basement tonight" "Hurray!".) Okay, I just cringed at my own words.
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 07 2007

       There've been a few items on the Recent 3 that I would rather my kids couldn't see when they're reading over my shoulder. Aside from that, I consider the HB to be one of the most rewarding sites on the Web.   

       Cars with Arms: not just for signaling, but also handy (ha! pun) for expressing your frustration and disapproval of fellow drivers. Other driver on your nerves? Your car and his can thumbwrestle for Ultimate Supremacy of the Stoplight. Loser shamefacedly pulls away at half-throttle.
elhigh, Oct 10 2007

       // Bugger! googoogle.com is already gone //[Unabubba] Wow! gagagoogle.com and googlegaga.com are also taken.
marklar, Oct 10 2007

       [marklar] - It would seem that go-ogle.com is gone too. Dammit.   

       [bigsleep] - I believe that last tag like that I saw was "Alert! Alert! Kid loose in the bakery! Everybody behave!"   

       It's interesting re-reading this idea and seeing how unbothered he has been by negativity or bones. Maybe he's more secure than me.
wagster, Oct 10 2007

       funnily enough [quarterbaker] is a big guy in a lot of ways.
po, Oct 10 2007

       //Aww, that makes me feel bad. I know I've had my hand in plenty of semi-sharp witted attacks. //   

       I may have to re-think things I might say on the internet in comments to other people. Though it probably should have, it never occured to me that there might be someone quite younger than me on the receiving end of a comment that I probably never would have made, had I thought of that.
Zimmy, May 11 2009

       I like it. I would go to that site. Would it have animal librarians. JK but there are some half bakers who could use a site that's a bit less serious. Anyways now that 8 -9 yrs has past does he still think cars should have arms? Does he have any new ideas?
Brian the Painter, Dec 31 2012

       We do have the occasional spawn posting here... doesn't seem to stunt their growth much.   

       And yes, cars should have arms.
FlyingToaster, Dec 31 2012


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