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halfbakery recipe site - Baked

Call Ambulance, Rebuild Kitchen
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What I/you/we prepare/eat and would like to share across the kilometres/miles.

Would/Could/Should there be a recipe book of/by/for the halfbakers?

Please refrain from posting recipes in this idea, as it is clearly stated in the help section: "straight recipes - if something belongs to an Internet recipe site, it should be posted there."

IF such a thing were to come to pass, measurements would be in metric AND non-metric units.

addendum: See link "Call Ambulance, Repair Kitchen"
thumbwax, Jan 12 2002

Call Ambulance, Repair Kitchen http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cark/
for halfbakery members - If so desired, join Yahoo!Groups if you are not a member - join "cark" to share in the gastronomical distress. Read message #1 in order to see how to go about submitting/reading recipes [thumbwax, Mar 18 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       why a recipie book?
technobadger, Jan 12 2002

       If you have a pie called a "recipie", I'm all for it.
thumbwax, Jan 12 2002

       recipe for disaster - just wait for UnaBubba to surface. put me down for welsh rarebit. (don't have me put down, thumb)
po, Jan 12 2002

       A recipe of halfbakers?   

       Perhaps the UnaBubba - take 1kg of biting Aussie sarcasm, add 1 tonne of altered song lyrics and top off with enough respect from all other halfbakers.   

       Or the lewisgirl - take a lot of shoes. Add some more shoes. Garnish with shoes.
CoolerKing, Jan 12 2002

       And serve on a bed of shoes. <grin>   

       If there's interest, and nobody else wants to do it, I could whomp up some HTML and put it on my site.
StarChaser, Jan 12 2002

       If my experience is anything to go by, proceeds from the sales of the book would go towards paying for a small part of the cost of producing and selling the book.
jutta, Jan 12 2002

To Serve HalfBakers
phoenix, Jan 12 2002

       anything sweet please! and no meat.
Viennoise, Jan 12 2002

       Another possibility for the title is what I still think was a champion suggestion for a non-lame tagline: "Someone's in the Kitchen with Dynamite." I forget which halfbaker suggested that. Was it ravenswood?
beauxeault, Jan 12 2002

       Now, just to make sure I understand this idea [thumbwax], do you mean publishing the best ideas of the halfbakery?
Salty Ham, Jan 12 2002

       interesting Affroassault based cuisine
technobadger, Jan 12 2002

       I dunno, any recipe that ends with 'Call ambulance, rebuild kitchen' doesn't sound like it's gonna be all that popular...
StarChaser, Jan 12 2002

       domestic makeover, home improvement,SC
technobadger, Jan 12 2002

       I vote for StarChaser's "Call Ambulance, Rebuild Kitchen" as a title.
jutta, Jan 12 2002

       Ask, and ye shalt receive.
thumbwax, Jan 13 2002

       "There's only one recipe on the 1/2B, surely?"
There is only one that actually works... as soon as someone creates something that works it is baked and deleted... What you get is a bunch of recipes that are impossible in interesting ways... which could make an interesting book (I just can't think of how a recipe could be impossible and interesting at the same time).
RobertKidney, Jan 13 2002

       I do have a recipe for a Scottish delicacy known as Guzintae.   

       Step 1. Get a big pot.
Step 2. Look in cupboard.
Step 3. Whitever ye've got in the cupboard guzintae the pot.
Step 4. Cook.
Guy Fox, Jan 13 2002

       UnaBubba: 'Someone set up us the Bombe'?
StarChaser, Jan 13 2002

       Bombe Flambé.
phoenix, Jan 13 2002

       [PS]: Do you mean a different one at the top of each page?
bristolz, Jan 14 2002

       No, I think he means a different title on page 3 every time you open it (like under the croissant logo on here). No explanation as to how.
angel, Jan 14 2002

       Great idea - but what recipes would you find in the half-bakers cookbook?
Lobster on the half-shell
Creme Demi-Brulee
Half Pound Cake
Artichoke half hearts
Or even, my personal favourite, "Half a tranch of half roast cod with a partly herb crust, on half a bed of semi-shredded spinach, accompanied by roasted half cherry tomatoes with a half balsamic jus"
goff, Jan 14 2002

       I suppose to make Changing Motto bakeable in book form per se would require a die-cut/pinwheel - much like Led Zeppelin III album cover or an old 'dist-o-meter' map book.

And it makes me wonder...

If one forsakes the idea of a traditional book - and makes a die-cut/pinwheel book...
thumbwax, Jan 14 2002

       ...then you could generate random combinations of ingredients. Perfect! Half-baked recipes that would only be half eaten.
DrBob, Jan 14 2002

       I saw one recently that I swear only a complete lunatic would eat. Taste prevents me from elaborating.
angel, Jan 14 2002

       Changing motto page: e-Ink page, run off a chip/sensor in the binding (a la musical greeting cards).
waugsqueke, Jan 14 2002

       "All your pizza base are belong to us"?
CoolerKing, Jan 15 2002

       Maybe it was bookworm who suggested "Someone's in the kitchen with dynamite." I seem to remember it was a single word made by combining two nouns.
beauxeault, Jan 15 2002

       Okay, silly obvious notion: The cookbook is a two book set, but released one book at a time, about half a year apart. Of course, in the first book all the recipes, which are serious (for the most part) only contain the first half of the recipes--the first half of the ingredients and the first half of the instructions. Maybe only the left half of the de rigueur glossy food shots would be printed.   

       Alternatively, each book could contain every other page.
bristolz, Jan 15 2002

       b: possibly blissmiss, drbob, quarterbaker, coolerking, StarChaser, thumbwax, hippo, the list is endless then.
po, Jan 15 2002

       It wasn't me if that helps. I don't think I've even read the non-lame 1/2b tags idea.   

       I like the "each book contains every other page idea", bris. Perhaps the first book contains the ingredients and the second contains the method?
CoolerKing, Jan 15 2002

       Ever read Penn & Teller's "Cruel Tricks For Dear Friends"?
thumbwax, Jan 15 2002

       Rapid-rise yeast - Hopefully this will be baked as a web page within reasonable time. I've started kneading the dough and am simply laying things out right now.
thumbwax, Jan 17 2002


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