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Halfbakery suicide prevention Center

Account left active 10 days in case the user change their mind
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That shouldn't been too difficult as long as people don't make fun of "attempted suicide"
bing, Mar 25 2002

Where's Waugsqueke? http://www.halfbake...27s_20waugsqueke_3f
...where Rods, as usual, has it in a nutshell. "Very much like a small daschund." [waugsqueke, Mar 25 2002]

Or not http://tinyurl.com/8cg7
[mrthingy, Oct 17 2004]


       Absolutely not. If a baker wants to delete his or her account, we should trust that they have the wherewithall and intelligence to make that decision.   

       I am adamantly against this.
waugsqueke, Mar 25 2002

       People already use the "suicide" metaphor to emotionally blackmail the largest possible audience into paying them attention. I don't see how we would profit from making that easier.
jutta, Mar 25 2002

       Bing, I can see your point - some excellent ideas and annotations have been lost through deleted accounts, but Jutta is right. If people no longer want to participate, the rest of us should respect (or at the very least accept) that decision.
salachair, Mar 25 2002

       If the decision is rational and intelligent, it will remain so after 10 days. If one wants a clean restart, that can be done any time by creating new user name. I am not asking everyone to jump in and stop the person making his/her own decision. Just some cooling off time.
bing, Mar 25 2002

       How about just instituting a "Memento Mori" section. When someone deletes an account all idea titles could be moved there as a reminder to the old hands and to intrigue the newbies.
dare99, Mar 25 2002

       bing, if you have not done so already, read the annotations in the link I provided. Much wisdom on this very topic is to be found there.   

       If the decision is rational and intelligent, why second-guess people and provide a way to regather on the premise that they might regret their rational and intelligent decision?   

       As far as I am concerned, the "Are you sure?" confirmation button is all that is needed.
waugsqueke, Mar 25 2002

       //I consider the complete expunging of history very Stalinist//

Yes Peter, but is it a good thing or a bad thing or just a thing? My own view is that it depends upon circumstances and I'll give you (that's the collective you not just Peter) an example.

I know someone who decided to be a goth for a while. They got into the whole look and the music and took a lot of flak from friends and relatives because they thought that it was 'ugly'. After a while this person decided that they wanted to change (just because they were interested in changing) but couldn't because they felt that they would be seen to be backing down in the face of unreasoning criticism and anyhow it had become kinda expected that this person should be a goth. The person in question became very unhappy because they were in a Catch 22 situation whereby it would look like a humiliating climb down if they changed but would be stuck in a role that they no longer wanted or enjoyed if they didn't change. I'm sure that this person would have been only too happy if that aspect of their personal history for the last year was just wiped out of existence so that they could just get on and live their life.

Fishbone for the idea bing, but there's nothing personal in it!

nb: personally, I'm a no change kinda guy. I've been in the same job for eighteen years and I haven't changed my underwear since last Christmas.
DrBob, Mar 25 2002

       Agreed, but not so easy for an angst-ridden teenager.

The cheque's in the post.

Oo, oo. Just had a thought. The question has been asked (somewhere) 'When does a newbie stop being a newbie?". Answer: When they commit bake-icide and someone notices.
DrBob, Mar 25 2002

       I was thinking that maybe we can throw in a "Eulogy" section for those who are want to delete themselves in that ten day period. At least during that period, we can still make reference to and record noteworthy ideas from the "deceased".   

       Once again, I have come up with idea that everyone can use but no one understand.
bing, Mar 25 2002

       bing, my friend... trust me, I understand it, all too well. Having been half-dead for a month, I believe I can speak from experience here.   

       Disagreement is not misunderstanding. Your idea presumes that people who do this are acting erroneously and should be provided with recourse. I don't agree.
waugsqueke, Mar 25 2002

       There are some "users" who are still listed, though they are hardly noticable in their absence. They came, they saw, they conkered - it would be better, I think - if after a year of no activity on the part of an account holder, that their account should be closed as they are presumed dead - And notice posted thereof.
PeterSealy deleted account by accident, waugsqueke and blissmiss deleted accounts for their own reasons. All 3 were noticable in their absence, which is to their credit. If a person knows they are going to delete an account, no matter the reason - it is their choice to copy/paste their own ideas or comments for later reference or use. Any user, including those who came, saw, conkered can do the same with any comment or idea by anyone at any time. It is anyone's choice to wipe the slate clean and start anew, whether here or elsewhere.
thumbwax, Mar 25 2002

       Bliss: I haven't been around for a week or so, what did I miss?
arora, Mar 25 2002

       waugsqueke - I don't assume people are acting erroneously and should be provided with recourse. I do not know any of your ideas before so I do not miss them either. I simply trying to find a feasible way address to what people have be complainting. It is obvious that people don't like have someone they know all of sudden disappear without a trace.   

       I am the last person to question your decision or make you feel you are obligated to everyone here. I, myself, might one day decide I am tired with this and never come back again. That would be my choice and I will not change my mind after I make my decisions. I did something like that before.   

       If anyone here felt that something I wrote here is worth saving or tell others who come after me that I existed. They can write my "eulogy" during that ten day period after I terminated my account. If not, that would be it then. I see nothing wrong with that. I don't consider it is my right to deny them their opportunies.   

       As long as I am here, I will do what I am here to do.
bing, Mar 25 2002

       OK, sing us a song already
thumbwax, Mar 25 2002


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