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Halfbakery Phone

Apple, Google and Skype have tried... Now it's our turn...
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Prompted by iHalfbakery [Link]

Here's a quick back-of-an-envelope spec:

Avoiding the costs and pitfalls of Titanium cases hbPhone would have a shock resistant Custard-based case.

The touch-sensitive display would act as the User Interface. In an attempt to increase battery life the UI could present itself as a keypad with 6 random digits (thus restricting the number of calls you could make)

Being probably invented by a Frenchman, this phone randomly translates some text and voice messages into French.

By default all 'Bakers' numbers would be pre-programmed into the address book. For secrecy, some sections of the Address Book would be WOM - Write-only memory.

The phones, themselves, would be flockable - Tiny gyros set in the case would draw the user towards the next HalfCon (in Spacetime). During normal use, those same gyros would draw the user towards the strongest signal source, thus always ensuring the best possible call quality.

In silent mode, there would be no vibrate option (as that may affect the micro-gyros). Instead the unit will get steadily hotter.

HB calling protocol would feature ideas such as *27 [linky]

Dub, Jun 04 2009

iHalfbakery iHalfBakery
[Dub, Jun 04 2009]

*27 them *27_20them
[Dub, Jun 04 2009]

Sensor-rich computing: the quiet revolution that started in your pocket http://www.tuaw.com...at-started-in-your/
[Dub, Jul 03 2011]

(?) Mobile Phone Airbag? http://www.shortlis...bag#image-rotator-2
Jeff Bezos the CEO of Amazon.com, thinks it's a good idea ( via FARK: http://www.fark.com/comments/6478155) [Dub, Aug 16 2011]


       hope there is a spellchecker!
po, Jun 04 2009

       Yes*, in the UK it'll have a German spellchecker.   

       *The German version will have a Spanish spellchecker.
Dub, Jun 04 2009

       And it *won't* have Bluetooth.
Jinbish, Jun 04 2009

       Bluetooth! PAH!
Dub, Jun 04 2009

       [21 Quest] What's the point of mentioning this now? I avoid deleting ideas for that very reason. I also say so if I've seen something before, and I usually link it, too - especially if they haven't bothered searching stuff first. I wouldn't have bothered posting if I'd found something similar.   

       Deleting ideas seems like a very alien concept. Now, if they could be "locked" or frozen, I'd like that.
Dub, Jun 04 2009

       I thought you were 'aving a go at me :(
Dub, Jun 05 2009

       I think RIM might have produced one of these
Dub, Jul 03 2011

       Will it support Panic PIN ?   

       //RIM might have produced one of these //   


       In "2001", Arthur C. Clarke <bangs forehead on floor, chants "we are not worthy !"> apocryphally chose the acronym HAL based on the fact that HAL is one letter before ("one up on") IBM.   

       We contend that this invention should therefore be known as the hPhone, and all HalfBakery technology should be bestowed with the "h" prefix.
8th of 7, Jul 03 2011

       I quite like halfBerry (I think someone's already posted it)
Dub, Jul 03 2011

       The standard user interface offers a choice between Fortran or classical Latin, and there's an animated talking croissant (called, for some reason, "Clippy") which sneers at you for not using the "power user's" interface, which involves Emacs and butterflies. (or Vim, but only in Linear-A.)
mouseposture, Aug 16 2011

       +...call me!
xandram, Aug 19 2011

       " Instead the unit will get steadily hotter." Typical. Recently, some of the larger manufacturers have started copying this technology.
Dub, Oct 23 2016

       Ah, another opportunity to repair some of the damage done when [21Quest] annos were lost.   

       Somebody with a better (snicker...more imaginative) memory than mine tell us what (21) said ;-)
normzone, Oct 23 2016


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