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Halfbakery toolbar

easy access
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I pretty much always have a Halfbakery window open whenever I'm at the computer.

Would be nice to have a little toolbar below the adress bar to have easy access to the site. This would include little personal account tabs, a search option and feature the halfbakery logo along with the daily quote.

shinobi, Dec 25 2006


       Unlike the google toolbar, I might actually install this.
wagster, Dec 25 2006

       [+] to under to comment right now, good work there!!
Dmedia, Dec 26 2006

       ++ It would also be good if the toolbar scrolled (on the side) new ideas as they were posted.
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 29 2006

       Ought it be a toolbar or sidebar? Which would be more useful? And which is more receptive to having, say, RSS feeds built in?
shapu, Dec 29 2006

       The toolbar could flash whenever your computer successfully autoboned a new idea :O)   

       It should also keep a running total of fishbones received / fishbones given / buns received / buns given.
phundug, Dec 31 2006


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