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Use the pumice island [link] to establish the nation of Halfland. Constitution in annotations.
ixnaum, Mar 09 2016

Pumice Island bigger than Israel http://www.livescie...ats-in-pacific.html
[ixnaum, Mar 09 2016]

pumice island http://imgur.com/a/wHWme
2 fries, this might be the series of photos you mentioned. [xaviergisz, Mar 10 2016]

The island in the above imgur photos from 2006 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Home_Reef
See link to blog for photos. [scad mientist, Mar 10 2016]

Blog post describing the event http://yacht-maiken...-and-volcanoes.html
[scad mientist, Mar 10 2016]

More info on how the island got washed away soon after. http://discovermaga...-death-of-an-island
[scad mientist, Mar 10 2016]


       We the members of the Halfbakery, in Order to form a dry place to stand, establish a help file, insure voting...
normzone, Mar 09 2016

       ... and are created equal, possessed of certain inalienable rights, including, life, liberty, and the freedom to posess any and all edged and projectile weapons, pyrotechnics, explosives and other military hardware and generically really dangerous and entertaining stuff without let or hindrance of any kind.
8th of 7, Mar 09 2016

       other than, of course, the help file, which may view this idea as a request for list. Which could be gotten around if we were careful not to list things we want in a constitution (I'm looking at you, [8th].
normzone, Mar 09 2016

       If it is, pumice is useful for removing calluses.
RayfordSteele, Mar 09 2016

       Talk about floating an idea...I lava it.
normzone, Mar 09 2016

       // list things we want //   

       It's not a "want", it's a non-negotiable requirement.
8th of 7, Mar 09 2016

       the right to arm bears... actually the right to any sort of weaponized flora and fauna.
FlyingToaster, Mar 09 2016

       Sounds like 8th wants to be more American. Weird.
RayfordSteele, Mar 10 2016

       I suspect he just wants to be subject to our firearms laws.
normzone, Mar 10 2016

       I'm surprised that we haven't taken over and shown the rest of the planet what to do with a gyre or three yet...   

       There were pictures on imgur from a family whose boat was there just as their boat began slicing through the first mat of pumice to surface and then a sequence of the formation of actual landmass after that.   

       I'm sure that I commented on the posting so that I could find it again at a later date, (thinking that it would remain on that site), but the posting no longer seems to exist anymore... (what-have-we-learned?)   

       Maybe one of you cyber sleuths can track it down.
It was a 'very' cool series of photos I must say.
Not every day you get to see pics of a new island forming before you've even got a coffee under your belt.

       The borders of Halfland would vary dramatically. I suggest a perimeter fence to keep it all together. Duct tape?
whatrock, Mar 10 2016

       I'm almost certain I've read somewhere that these things gradually get waterlogged and then eventually sink.
Vernon, Mar 10 2016

       <stares hopefully at Australia>
8th of 7, Mar 10 2016

       Ha! Good find [xaviergisz].   

       Wow, that story at the link - yes, sailing through active areas may be a mistake.
normzone, Mar 10 2016

       Since the photos didn't say much and had been posted 13 days ago I was wondering if this was really recent. Nope, and the island is gone already. Too bad. See links.
scad mientist, Mar 10 2016

       Okay, back to half-baked ideas... What happens if we wait for this island to pass over a shallow place, say a dormant underwater volcano that isn't too far below the surface, and get it to sink and break up there. Apply something halfbaked to keep the bits from floating away, and maybe you could end up with a permanent island.   

       I think I heard that man-made islands are not normally officially recognized by other countries, but if we can arrange it so that the breakup and island formation at that point could have happened naturally, who will prove that it isn't a natural island. Just make sure it happens far enough from any other islands claimed by established countries, and it could be yours.
scad mientist, Mar 10 2016

       Makes sense. After all China is creating their own islands as we speak.
ixnaum, Mar 10 2016

       I'm sorry I missed this island, but so glad that I can learn these things here. Where else could I find this information without having to look for it? Thanks fellow islanders - I mean 'bakers.
xandram, Mar 12 2016

       No Island is a Man.
blissmiss, Mar 12 2016

       No is a man island.
normzone, Mar 13 2016

       NASA is a mandolin.   

       Carpenter improvises wooden sundial … "Gnomon Is A Nail End"
8th of 7, Mar 13 2016

       No. Man is an island.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2016

       You should meet my friend Norman. He's so fat he has his own coastline.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 13 2016

       No Isle of Man?
RayfordSteele, Mar 13 2016

       Man Island, an is no.
blissmiss, Mar 13 2016


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