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Halfbakery Weather Forecast

is there a storm on the horizon, or is it big harvest weather?
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HBWF = Halfbakery Weather Forecast
The halfbakery has been around for long enough to have acquired a considerable database of ideas/croissantcount/bone count/date of posting info. This proposal would see the analysis of all halfbakery postings to generate a sort of weather forecast based on statistical analysis of all of the data according to several criteria.

Individual members could input some details of a proposed idea, re timing along with a few key words, and its prospect of success or failure could receive a weather report.

For example: a very positive idea do with flowers and birdsong might attract many croissants if posted on Sept 27th but on Oct 3rd, it would be boned into the bottom of the skip. Visuals showing weather fronts looming would warn of halfbakery troughs of depression being anticipated, when fishbones will descend like hailstones on just about anything posted. Warm fronts would equally indicate that just about any posting will be deluged with nice warm croissants. An icy blast would show up if an idea was simply going to be completely ignored.

Powerful tsunami type events, such as entire accounts disappearing through deletion, would show up with special warning symbols, based on careful AI type deep reading of the entire postings of the halfbakery. There have been a few of these, and the HBWF would have detected them with its long-range weather forecast prediction view, and they may be able to be averted in future.

xenzag, Aug 23 2021

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       After a while this would be able to generate posts and annos, so we could all retire and spend our time sipping cocktails while the machine argues with itself on our behalf.
pocmloc, Aug 23 2021

       The AI takes over! Ha
xenzag, Aug 23 2021


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