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A Game
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1. Find an idea that is at least a week old (ie no longer in bold) and has no annotations.

2. Annotate with the word "halfbakerywhacked"

3. The winner is the person who finds the most.

4. I imagine it could be quite tricky.

stupop, Apr 16 2002

Not even vaguely related ... Halfbakery_20Poker
[normzone, Apr 18 2017]


thumbwax, Apr 16 2002

       you're cheating thumb, its not a week old
po, Apr 16 2002

       I imagine it could be quite mind-numbing. I hope this doesn't encourage people to go littering up old ideas with this word just to play this (sorry, stupop, but I think it's an) inane game.
waugsqueke, Apr 16 2002

       Given that your "halfbakerywhacked" annotation would bring the idea back up to the Recent3, it would be relatively easy for anyone to find them.
quarterbaker, Apr 16 2002

       Unless I'm mistaken, adding 'halfbakerywhacked' indicates that you have already found what you are looking for.
st3f, Apr 16 2002

       To score a whack, the annotation needs to be the very first anno, yes?
bristolz, Apr 16 2002

       I think that was the point of this bris. How many ideas actually make it a week (or longer) without annos? It would be interesting to count them (maybe) and declaring them "halfbakerywhacked" as the only anno would show something...that perhaps they were too boring to waste time on?
runforrestrun, Apr 16 2002

       If you get fishbones, fine, pastry, even better. No response at all would indicate no one cares about it. Indifference is worse than anything, I'd delete it myself after a week. (bliss: welcome back again)
rbl, Apr 16 2002

       [bliss] It was easy scrounging, too.  About 20-30 clicks on "random" turned up those two fine examples.
bristolz, Apr 16 2002

bristolz, Apr 16 2002

       Yes - if the very first annotation is 'halfbakerywhacked' it's author has scored a whack, provided the anno date is one week after the posting date.   

       Inspired by having my first un-annotated idea recently, this idea (HBwhacking) is probably my heaviest boning to date <wonders whether to rephrase that>. All in all, I'd say I'm on a roll.
stupop, Apr 16 2002

       Ironically, no one's annotated Most Popular Searches in this here very category yet. Run run run.
pottedstu, Apr 16 2002

       halfbakerywhacked on first anno was for illustrative purposes.
thumbwax, Apr 16 2002

       Oh yeah? I'm wise to your tricks!
po, Apr 16 2002

       How about instead of adding an annotation to the idea, create a link on this idea?
bookworm, Apr 16 2002

       halfbakerywhacked 4 matches
popbottle, Apr 18 2017

       Probably easy to do with views. Just do it the same way I did my "untouched in 10 years" view: make a view for ideas with activity in the past week, and then a second view for ideas that aren't included in the first view. The only thing I'm unsure about is how to include/exclude ideas with any annotations in a view—does * work as a wildcard in the "annotated by" field?
notexactly, Aug 31 2019


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