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Halfbright Scholarship

Scholarship for, um, the rest of us...
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We've got the Fullbright for people I can only assume are fully bright. Why not one for the rest of us?

As an added benefit, it only pays out for one 4-month term.

tminus12, Aug 24 2001

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       OK. The scholarship rewards a failure to produce academic/intellectual results (or at best, produce mediocrity.) A whole bunch of people will want them or feel they have earned them and so a criteria has to be used to assign these scholarships. Because the premise of this scholarship is performance (mediocre academic/intellectual performance, but still performance,) it still goes to the best people. It might as well be a fullbright scholarship, more lax on the criteria.   

       So there are more mediocre people than Fullbright people, and to stop what was just described from occuring you might want to give out more of these so that everybody gets one. Why not just simply give (were this say, a University setting,) *everybody* more expendable income by reducing fees and what-not.
sdm, Aug 24 2001

       David Letterman established a scholarship at his alma mater in Indiana for promising C-average Communications majors.
mrthingy, Aug 24 2001

       :::applause::: I like UnaBubba's application of the idea to Halfbakery members, but I'd croissant this idea just for the title. Gawd, I with I'd thought of it!
Dog Ed, Aug 24 2001

       I think that if we are ever to attain full diversity in our schools, we need half-brights. The ability for the full brights to associate with the half brights would give the fulls preparation for entering the work force and being confronted with the proverbial 'dumb question'. The fulls will then learn how to _not_ roll their eyes and sigh (didn't Al Gore really have that attitude nailed?), as a first response to queries from the half-brights. The halfbrights could even have a slogan: "Two wrongs don't make a right, but two half-brights make a fullbright."
pathetic, Aug 25 2001

       Could we extend this to the not-bright and pay exclusively in beer?
wats, Aug 31 2001


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