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House Rabbits

Cute wee bunny rabbits for small houses/apartments
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The house rabbit is a shy creature that hides under beds, fridges and couches in its home, and only comes out for its owners and for meals. This may be due to it's miniature size, being a centimeter shorter in length as an 'iced lollie' stick. They are especially afraid of chihauhas, as they are bigger and can fit into many of the places that they hide. Although inherantly shy, house rabbits make lasting bonds with their owners and enjoy sitting on a lap and being gently stroked of an evening. They especially like dwarf carrots.

Yes, this is very silly.

Around October-November last year, I read in a National Geographic that a man bred chickens until he got either monster-sized ones and teeny wee ones. This might work with rabbits - you could eventually breed them to be really little, most likely not as little as I imagined, but small enough for small apartments and people who want a low-maintenance pet. (notice that I didn't mention genetic engineering once!)
(fishbones haway!)

froglet, Apr 04 2006

A Singapore Dwarf Rabbit http://www.asiahome...rhoea_Singapore.jpg
(Our Netherlands Dwarf was bigger.) [DrCurry, Apr 04 2006]

Herman. what's not to love? http://news.bbc.co....4676900/4676904.stm
[po, Apr 04 2006]

A Singapore Dwarf Rabbit with Smelly Diarrhoea http://www.asiahome...rabbit_diarrhea.htm
Well, you asked. [jutta, Apr 04 2006]


       Anything that small I would call rat.   

       <Not so related story> My mother found in the spring that she had baby prairie dogs in her yard. Thinking they were cute, she started feeding them scraps of food everyday. When I went to visit and saw what she had been feeding, I had to let her down gently that she had been in fact supporting a lovely little herd of desert rats. She took it well, only freaked out a little bit.<Not so related story>
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Apr 04 2006

       Given that we used to keep a Netherlands Dwarf rabbit as a house pet, I'm not entirely sure this is a novel idea.   

       But if you really want a pocket pet, what's wrong with gerbils?   

       Btw, rabbits don't make the best pets, as they generally don't especially like held.
DrCurry, Apr 04 2006

       Why is that image called "1093dwarfrabbit 30days smelly diarrhoea Singapore.jpg"?   

       Nothing cute about that, I can tell you.
Texticle, Apr 04 2006

       Ah. I see. Thanks [jutta].
Texticle, Apr 05 2006


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