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Laughs Last

Vote record for this user account was destroyed in a disk crash in October 2004.

If ifs were skiffs, we'd all be sailing.

[Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 16 2004]

(+20, -3)(+20, -3) Anti-theft Gun
(+9)(+9) Bed Skewer
(+1) Cat-hole Flats
(+24)(+24)(+24) Chainmail Blanket
(+5) Closet Clean Up Wizard
 Computer Mobile
(+15)(+15) Corsair Cruise Lines
(+7) Drake Equation Calculator Calculator
(+7, -1) Elevator the Game
 Elongated Shoulder Pad
(+3) Eyeglasses Heater
(+6) Floor Level Medicine Cabinet
(+6) Humorifier
 Microscopic Zen Rock Garden
(+3, -1) Moon Rock Mine
(+7) Nomadic Gardening
(+4) Optimistic Trend-Line Glass
 Ordnung Out Deutsch Food
(+3) Parrot Harness Chariot
(+6) Personal Stenographer
 Pot Accelerant
(+6) Pykrete Snowman Kit
(+6, -3) Regenerative Braking Trailer
(+3) Riot Reduction Gear
(+8, -2) Scatalogical Humor Pill
 Security Guards in Perpetuity
(+5) Silo Combustion Engine
(+5, -1) Solar/Geothermal Electric Stirling
(+21, -1)(+21, -1)(+21, -1) Sow Your Oats Wide
(+6, -1) Swiss Emergency Ice
(+4) The Squawker
(+6) Water Tunic

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