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Rotating Fence Intersection

Carousel where yard fences join
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How far do you have to walk to visit you back fence neighbours? Other than jumping over you may have quite a walk to retrieve a ball or pay a visit. I think that at the intersection of fences at the rear of peoples back yard there should be a carousel sort of thing like a rotating door setup so that the last metre of each of the 4 adjoining fences would rotate via a central shaft.
Elitefingerbun, Sep 26 2005

Revolving Turnstile http://www.page-her...lish/e-sp981-1.html
Related to gates like these, then, except allowing access to each of the four yards. Which would be kind of cool if I hadn't specifically erected the wall to keep you and your lot out of my back yard. [jurist, Sep 26 2005]

Stile http://www.suusi.or.../graphics/stile.jpg
Fence stiles like these come in handy for crossing fences and walls on the ranch as an alternative to walking all the way around to a gate. [jurist, Sep 26 2005]

Rolling Gate http://www.fenceinc.com/rollgate.htm
Problem with the carousel: You can't drive a mower through it so you'll be of no help to your neighbor in a pinch. [reensure, Sep 26 2005]




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