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Hangover Hotel

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The hours are different here. 24-hours from when you check in is considered a nights stay.

The hangover hotel provides all sorts of solutions to getting 'over' your intoxicating experience; Be it a celebration of goal, age, progressiveness, excellence, sorrow, or merely a weekend binge.

We are here to provide for those wishing to be fixed.

This includes: IV nutrification and hydration, wholesome balanced meals, massages, jacuzzis, mud-baths, steam treatment, colonic irrigations, hypnotherapy, reflexology, and to those with the hair-of-the-dog ethos; free drinks.

All this and more!

Book in advance...pay less

shinobi, May 16 2006


       Spa with a bar?
Hold the Spa.
methinksnot, May 16 2006

       Not a spa....but rather a place to send people on the day after their birthday, bachellor party, promotion etc....the perfect gift!
shinobi, May 16 2006

       I rather like it as a place where you finish your night out and stay the next couple of days resting and recuperating.
methinksnot, May 16 2006

       /wholesome balanced meals/   

       We have very different hangover needs. Gimme the greasiest, saltiest thing you got!
Texticle, May 17 2006

       The staff will knock very, very gently. The phone is muted. Water, vitamins, alkaseltzer is delivered bedside. Lights are dim. Greasy, salty carbs and ice cream are on the room service menu.
normzone, May 17 2006

       Is this a Beverly Hills detox?   

       //the St. Bernard// - Not a nice thing to call your wife, phlish.
Shz, May 19 2006

       If this was my business, I would also provide some sort of relief for the "Living la cama loca" phase of those hang overs that begin as soon as you go to bed (still drunk) and the world spins underneath you.   

       Maybe have a bed designer (or a halfbaker) create special beds for this?   

       Good idea, +
Pericles, May 19 2006


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