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Hangover IV

The quick sure cure
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Med students know the best cure for a hangover: intravenous D5W (dextrose 5% solution). Rehydrates faster than anything you can drink, plus them poor brain cells appreciate the increased blood sugar. Add a little ibuprofen or caffiene for vasodilation, and there you go: right as rain. So why can't I buy a few bottles at Rite-Aid? Stat!?
rmutt, Apr 12 2001


       The best cure for a hangover is to just stay in bed and pull the duvet up a bit further over your head.
DrBob, Apr 12 2001

       Chilled Cilantro and Onions on Hot Food, with a squeeze of lemon.
thumbwax, Apr 12 2001

Monkfish, Apr 13 2001

       Hangovers are just like hiccoughs, except (mostly) all over. So climb inside a huge paper bag turned inside out with you holding it shut and jump out a second story window. When you hit, the bag breaks and startles the hangover away!
reensure, Apr 13 2001

       When you stagger home after eleventeen pints of Scruttock's Old Dirigible and a Kebab, what you need is a very quiet, slow gentle droid to remove your clothes and fold them neatly, put your beer goggles on the bedside table, spray your arm with Lignocaine, put a line in and rehydrate you with the correct IV solution, then tuck you up in bed in the recovery position.   

       In the absence of cheap, efficient droids, maybe you could exploit on starvation wages some poorly-educated person from a far-away hot country to do this for you ?   

       So the idea is ok as far as it goes, but needs a little work....
8th of 7, Jun 13 2002

       Two bananas liquidised with pineapple juice, sugar, cream and four soluble aspirins. to be taken orally in one gulp. Then duvet over head for an hour.
IvanIdea, Jun 13 2002

       don't drink the night before.
yamahito, Jun 13 2002

       Hm. It must have been Sealy who wondered whatever became of Hangovers I , II and III. (Making sense of zippy's link.)
waugsqueke, Jun 13 2002

       Best cure for a hangover is heaps of water before going to bed, and then a few snorts of oxygen in the morning. Works a treat, (so I'm told...)
drew, Jun 13 2002

       Yes, but how do you (a) remember to drink all that water when you can barely remember you name or where you live, and (b) where do you fit the water round all the beer ? My pudding stomach only takes desserts and sweets and rejects water.
8th of 7, Jun 13 2002

       Then you will suffer. Simple.
drew, Jun 13 2002

       you have to drink a ton of water before you start drinking beer. that way when you get to the bar you'll be on the can the whole time and less likly to order too much. kinda defeats the purpose of going out though.....
twit2, Oct 12 2002

       Half a raw potato with salt on it. Don't know why but it works   

       . . . or ibuprofen and alcohol. Liver dangerously.
bristolz, Dec 27 2002


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