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Hangover stretcher

A folding stretcher that catches the patient from above
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This stretcher is built like a spine with protruding "ribs". The ribs are set over and around the patient and then fixed into place.

Once the stretcher is raised the patient is kept in the same position, no need to "pick the patient up onto" the stretcher. The stretcher can be held low with protective elements inserted below and beside the patient after it has been raised for fast and comfortable shoulder-sling evacuation, while the stretcher can stay low, giving it extra protection in war zones.

when done, the ribs fold up close to each other and the center "spine" pole can fold as well , into something much smaller and lighter than the usual canvas stretchers.

pashute, Mar 13 2016


       Interesting idea. I was initially distracted by the name thinking it had something to do with picking up people who collapsed due to over-consumption of alcohol. Maybe call it a "Hangunder Stretcher" since the patient is hanging under it.   

       It seems like having the spine be telescoping rather than folding might be the way to go. That way when it collapses, all the ribs pack close together.   

       It seems like a standard stretcher configuration will have the upper hand in terms of size and weight (assuming similar design optimization), but your design has other interesting benefits.
scad mientist, Mar 16 2016

       I can't commend the stretching of a hangover. Time is already dilated during hangover events.
bs0u0155, Mar 16 2016


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