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Image halfbakery

Some ideas you can't write out in words
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For those of us with actual serious ideas, we should be able to sketch (no art skill required) out our ideas so that people can actually visualize it and appreciate the idea, instead of taking it as a lame joke.
net_addict, Feb 18 2002

(?) Half Baked Calendar http://moniplex.com...d_calendar/main.php
Another venue for posting HB-related pictures. Get yourself an account by logging in with your desired username and password, then click on "add picture" and follow the instructions. If it's a picture relating to an idea here, please add the link in. (The calendar itself, btw, is a compilation of as many HB calendar ideas as can be made to fit.) [DrCurry, Oct 21 2004]


       This has been suggested several times. There are ways round it. If you have your own web page, you could post a graphic on there, and link to it. If you don't, and your graphic is absolutely crucial to your idea (ie your powers of description are less than perfect), you might be able to persuade another 'baker to post the graphic for you. This will probably depend to some extent on how many people you've managed to annoy.
angel, Feb 18 2002

       Click the 'links' button in 'meta' section on left, net_addict. You'll find 18 different sites which offer different possibilities for you.
A number of people here have done illustrations on their own sites, no matter how free or expensive the server is, and we've seen the illustrations without overloading the halfbakery server - dig?
thumbwax, Feb 18 2002

       [Porn uploaded here might stay here for a few hours before being deleted. Oh, and *encrypted* porn might stay here forever.]
andrewm, Mar 08 2003


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