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add Illustrations to the ideas
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i think if you want you should be able to add Illustrations to your half baked ideas
vivaelryan, Apr 27 2002

(?) Carrymehome.com Illustration http://www.graphest...ery/hb/carryme.html
A Top Ten Favorite [jurist, Apr 27 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Hullaballoon Illustration http://bz.pair.com/fun/hullaballoo.html
Just one of the fantastic illustrations Bristolz has shared with us. [jurist, Apr 27 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       viv, I think you need to spend a bit more time getting to know the 1/2 Bakery environs. Activate the "search" feature on your menu and retrieve the "carrymehome.com" idea, or more recently, the "hulaballoon" idea. Both were masterfully illustrated. And to add your own illustrations, all you need to do is create a file on your own website and then use the link feature provided. But you already knew that, since you read the "help" instructions.
jurist, Apr 27 2002

       Jurist, link's broke.
RayfordSteele, Apr 27 2002

       Thanks Rayford...Inserted an extra letter in the site address...Fixed now, I think.
jurist, Apr 27 2002

       [vivaelryan]: If you have an illustration but no place to serve it from, I can host it for you. I think I have 1GB of space and at the rate I add drawings I will have that space filled up in about 220 years.
bristolz, Apr 27 2002

       Um... Rods Tiger, it doesn't work...   

       "We're sorry, but this page is currently unavailable for viewing. Please try again later, or search Yahoo! GeoCities for other pages that interest you."   

       Then again maybe it just doesn't work for me now... someone else have a look...
RobertKidney, Apr 27 2002

       Doesn't work for me either
bristolz, Apr 27 2002

       [Rod's Tiger] -- To quote the great Sgt. Schultz, "I see nothing".
half, Apr 27 2002

       Some free web page hosting services don't like you accessing images directly (by an address ending .jpg, or by embedding it in a page located at a different host); they only display images that are parts of web pages hosted on the site. To get round this, you have to create an HTML page with the image in it, or access another page on the site first. I don't know the precise details of this; maybe it's just to make sure people see their adverts as well as the image you want.
pottedstu, Apr 28 2002

       It'll never happen.
hippo, Oct 25 2004

bristolz, Oct 25 2004

       I assume there is some kind of dialogue going on in the background which is perhaps discussing the way that the illustrations system might work.
My thought is, seeing as this is the halfbakery, would there be any advantage in opening the subject up for discussion?
Not that I have any wonderful ideas, but maybe someone else has.
Ling, Oct 25 2004

       i think it will work ok, as long as the illustration is kind of shrewdly displayed - maybe a smaller thumbnail to the bigger picture? or maybe no thumbnail at all, just an icon that way youre not playing too much with the clean overall simplicity of the site. but then maybe this sort of colourful in your face interplay will move dorothy successfully into the second half of the wizard of oz
benfrost, Oct 25 2004

       // But you already knew that, since you read the "help" instructions. //   

       And which help instructions are those? There is nothing about illustrations that I see.   

       Unless by "illustration" you mean "link to another page", which would just be... a link to another page. Whereas "illustration" would imply a picture that shows up on the same page as the idea...
omegatron, Nov 28 2004


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