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HB PC/Mac Icons Sets

Icon versions of croissants and fishbones, etc.
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I might like to download an icon version of the HB logo to use for my shortcut bar on my toolbar. Perhaps people might like to download the half-croissant, full-croissant, half-fishbone, and full-fishbone icons as well. The crazy fish on a plate icon (visible today in place of the usual half croissant on a plate) might be fun to include as well.

I'm sure this isn't difficult to do, but I don't have the tools. Anybody want to give it a shot?

XSarenkaX, Oct 31 2002

Iconfactory http://www.iconfact...com/iconbuilder.asp
A great source for Mac icons and the makers of icon builder which allows you to create icons through Photoshop 7. [madradish, Oct 17 2004]

Yahoo! Briefcase http://briefcase.yahoo.com
Online file storage [pooduck, Aug 01 2005]


       Hmm... maybe later...
NickTheGreat, Oct 31 2002

       Post it online and provide us all with a linky-poo?
XSarenkaX, Nov 01 2002

       This is a really nice idea Sarenka. I used to make icons, I'll give this a go when I have more time.
madradish, Nov 01 2002

madradish, Nov 02 2002

       No icons yet? Boy, this group must actually be working these days!
XSarenkaX, Nov 06 2002

       All talk and no action...
Nick@Nite, Nov 06 2002

       You would prefer a half-assed job be done?
thumbwax, Nov 06 2002

       Has anybody been working on these?
XSarenkaX, Dec 12 2002

       Windows, at least, will let you use any old bitmap as an icon. Save the image you want as a bitmap, hit 'change icon...' on the properties tab of your shortcut and browse to the image file.   

       You might want to check with jutta before doing anything like making an HB icon package available, since the images are hers.
Monkfish, Dec 12 2002

       [jutta], may we please? Or if you'd like to create them and post them for us, that would be nice, too.
XSarenkaX, Dec 12 2002

       I have been working on them a little bit. I'm still trying to get adequate editing tools for various OSs. If you want to try it, there is a neat Photoshop filter that generates .ico files. Unfortunately you require Photoshop 7.   

       I've provided a link if anyone wants to check it out.
madradish, Dec 13 2002

       I have a file that contains several crappy HB logos - the favicon croissant is the only one that comes out well. The others are the croissant you see in the top left of the screen, the special top-left logos there have been over the years (hb.gif, hc.gif, hh.gif, hf.gif, hp.gif) as well as all the combinations of voting logos (croissants and fishbones).   

       It only works in Windows, as far as I know, but if you want it email me at the address on my user page, and I will send it as one .dll file.   

       If anyone knows a good (free) file-hosting site, please tell me.
dbmag9, Aug 01 2005

       You could get yourself a Yahoo! briefcase, they are free and I am pretty sure you can share your files with others.
pooduck, Aug 01 2005

       You can't share your files with anyone, you have to specify who to allow.   

       <wide-eyed cute pleading face>Can I put it on your site, [pooduck]? Please???</wide-eyed cute pleading face>
dbmag9, Aug 01 2005


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