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Have To Go-Sure To Melt Ice Cream

To keep in your car.
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One of the best containers of ice cream you'll ever have*, especially if you are commonly running into people who don't respond to, " I have to go", and they just feel they have to keep talking.

Purchased frozen, of coarse, or home-made, this very small container of ice cream is permanently sealed. You just put it in your vehicle (frozen) and forget it. Then, when you need a good honest excuse to run from a talker, you just tell them that you have to go, adding that you have ice cream in your car and that it is surely melted by now. Usually people let you go with that comment, and you wouldn't be telling a lie.

I'll have to make one of these for my wife. But, if I saw this product for sale at a fair price I would consider it impossible to resist purchasing one for each vehicle. -She thinks the idea is dumb, but she's getting one anyway. * Doesn't work too well in sub freezing temps. :-(

UfosOverChina, Jul 22 2008

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       Great way to put the freeze on those pesky "stop and chats". But really all you need is the container sans ice cream maybe placed in a plastic bag they can barely see through and viola! Just hope those nosy bastards don't call your bluff.
ShuffleW, Jul 22 2008

       Clever +
phundug, Jul 22 2008


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