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Head Box

Utilitarianism on Queen.
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Waiting for Brad Pitt to jump out at any minute, living in Head Box accepts slides of ambivalent movie characters in some sort of discursive setting relating being John Malkovitch to the fitness specialist and the utility worker and information rights of the property owner to shady details. By placing your head inside the Head Box you are supposed to adopt the rational mentality of the Happy Game company, and leave crawling around the dark spaces to the utility worker and testing your fitness at the gym instead of inside the bungalow attic deepest recesses. That slide is followed by pictures of surveillance equipment, and textbooks and treatments for paranoia. This slide show device displays a wide range of emotive images that can be produced by anyone but requires an access key that is controlled by the company.
rcarty, Nov 22 2014

In a dark, dark room http://imgur.com/a/7b5aC
there's a doppleganger. [rcarty, Nov 22 2014]

Semiotics http://ecx.images-a...6c8RzyL._SL500_.jpg
One copy available, please make inquiries through hidden passage at own risk. [rcarty, Nov 22 2014]

Signs and Symbols in Graphic Communication http://walkerquarte...c_Communication.pdf
[rcarty, Nov 22 2014]




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