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Caste System for Photographic Documentation
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Problem: At concerts, sporting events, and other public happenings, half of the audience have their phones out in an effort to document their experience. The problem is, most of them aren't actually experiencing the thing that they are attempting to document.

Proposal: Implement an ordered list of all humans, a caste system where the number of castes M is equal to the number of people N. At any given event, only the highest 5% of people present would have the right to photograph and document their experience. The trade-off would be that all persons must must share their media publicly.

determinism89, May 21 2017


       // Implement an ordered list of all humans //   

       We've been telling you to do that for years, and have you listened ? No, you haven't.
8th of 7, May 21 2017

       If you're selecting the lowest 5%, that includes you, shirley [IT] ?
8th of 7, May 21 2017

       The lowest 5% does not own a working phone. I may have broken, obsolete, borrowed or pawned phone.   

       Nor can I afford the tickets to get in, if I did have a phone capable of taking pictures. +
popbottle, May 21 2017

       [determinism89], you got your account at the beginning of February last year and just now put pixels to the page in the form of an idea or an anno. This shows great patience.   

       Either that or you forgot your password. Either way, welcome to the Halfbakery.
normzone, May 22 2017

       [normzone], thanks   

       Last year, I had a half-baked idea and decided that I should post it here. I went as far as to request an account. After receiving my credentials, I realized that the idea was too difficult to explain.   

       As the idea only yielded a half-baked attempt at a half-bakery post, I think the evidence indicates that it was actually a quarter-baked idea in disguise.
determinism89, May 23 2017

       Quarterbaked sounds good enough for a description in an anno on another idea to me. I bet I could understand it (as long as you don't deliberately obfuscate it).
notexactly, May 23 2017


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