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Head Butt

Is that how you spell "but(t)"?
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How about a hat in the shape of a butt?
JesusHChrist, Apr 27 2005

Funny hat http://www.findgift...ft-ideas/pid-48281/
Not quite what you said, but funny. (I think you need to be bald to wear this one) [Zimmy, Apr 27 2005]

Plastic Butt http://www.pjstrick...m/products/1507.asp
could be worn as a hat, I suppose. [Cedar Park, Apr 27 2005]


       I thought I saw some of these at Mardi Gras. I can not find any on the net. But then it was Mardi Gras & who knows if I can trust myself to remember what I did or did not see?
Zimmy, Apr 27 2005

       You could wear a bikini bottom as a bonnet.
JesusHChrist, Apr 27 2005

       Reminds me of the bumheads from Star Trek.
skinflaps, Apr 27 2005


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