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Head E-Ometer

Apparatus measures head seperation from body.
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Using a fixed point below the neck and another at the head and a tether between them, this tether acts as a tensioner and gauges the disconnection of your head from your body as you move throughout the day. Basically it works on the principle that as your head calculates the logic of mind-body duality questions in underlying logia that determines soundness over validity, particularly how they relate to every basic social interaction. This is compared to an audio track of your thoughts throughout the day andvoices you heard that put your mind in immediate conflict with your body during social synthesis. The thoughts are recorded in the reference to the effect on conflict towards the strain. Relative strain it produces is measurable by the device. Correspondence between strain and mind-body agreement is measured and it generates an audio command appropriate for balancing inner and outer subjectivity in relation to bodily control.
rcarty, Nov 30 2014


       Wouldn't it be easier to measure the electrical activity in the, umm... trapezius (whatever muscles raise the shoulders) ?
FlyingToaster, Nov 30 2014

       It's actually just the idea of the device.
rcarty, Nov 30 2014

       Throw in a Theremin and you've really got something here! What, I have no idea... but... something! I imagine a whole theatre audience hooked up to these devices (**with** Theremins, of course) whist watching "A Clockwork Orange."   

       A hearty Bun, just for you [rcarty] -- well done! [+]
Grogster, Nov 30 2014


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