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Voices In Head Amp

Makes internal voices external
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Consider it the audiobook to your life that everybody within hearing/striking distance gets to listen to as well.
thumbwax, Mar 14 2001

Alien Hand Museum and Puppet Theatre http://www.halfbake..._20Puppet_20Theatre
A related HalfBakery idea. [Aristotle, Mar 14 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

God's frequency is 39.17 MHz http://www.skeptictank.org/popoff2.htm
Aristotle's comment about voices from god reminded me of this old Randi story. [jutta, Mar 14 2001]


       For some reason, this reminded me... People who routinely walk the streets mumbling to themselves are sometimes advised by doctors to carry mobile phones, as walking the streets mumbling to yourself while holding a mobile phone to your ear is more socially acceptable.
hippo, Mar 14 2001

       If someone's internal voices could speak they could turn themselves to something useful like orating poetry or act as an art critic for the work of alien hands.
Aristotle, Mar 14 2001

       At karaoke evenings you could duet with yourself.   

       "Don't go breaking my heart..." "...I couldn't if I tried."
mark_t, Mar 14 2001

       And a screen that shows what they're seeing: "look out, a red mist is descending - run for cover!"
Gordon Comstock, Mar 14 2001

       thumbwax's idea would have given "Son of Sam" a firmer defense.
beauxeault, Mar 14 2001

       Well, this idea would help with all the Men from Mars, Women from Venus problems...and end the stupid question of "what are you thinking?" forever. Of course, it could also get some of us locked up by men in white jackets..... (NO! don't write that! You don't want them all to know that you actually doubt your sanity on a daily basis.... Shut up and stay out of this! ......)
Susen, Mar 14 2001

       Given that someone people think their voices are from God, the Devil or some other religious figure you put this to the test by assembling a panel of theologians and priests of varying sorts. They could listen to the amplified internal voices and discuss their religious significance. This could act as kind of Turing Test for the afflicted person.
Aristotle, Mar 14 2001

       In hopes of making them them slightly cheerier psychotics?
Monkfish, Mar 15 2001

       Cheery or not, if you fit in with everybody else in the room, there's a psychotic watching you!!!
reensure, Mar 15 2001


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