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Lounge-style minivan seating

Keep your kids within swatting distance on long trips
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As vehicles go, minivans are quite versatile. But they'd be even more flexible if the seating arrangement could be customized to better serve the needs of families. To that end, the front passenger and middle seats should be able to be installed in a number of different orientations.

In the half lounge configuration, the front seat is installed normally, but the middle seats are installed facing the rear. (Something similar to this has already been baked by Chrysler in the Town & Country, but was dropped for the current model year). In the full lounge configuration, the front passenger seat is installed backwards, and the two middle seats are installed sideways, either both on the same side, or on opposite sides and offset to maximize legroom. Any third row seats that end up blocked in this configuration could be folded down to store cargo.

In the full lounge configuration, a family of five could travel in style, maximizing the amount of legroom for everyone— and allowing you to keep both eyes on your kids to boot.

ytk, Mar 26 2011

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[ytk, Mar 26 2011]

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[pocmloc, Mar 26 2021]


       I thought some minivans and RVs already had this kind of seating
hippo, Mar 26 2021


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