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Hoover Race Wars

Wife swapping tips?
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Your hoover reports the "velocity of dirt" per minute of sustained hoovering time, then sends it to an Olympic Hoovering site. Are the winners those hooverers who pick up the most dirt per minute or the least? You decide.
4and20, May 23 2015


       So I am now imagining Tim Allen's souped-up vacuum cleaner, with 50 Kilowatt (and outdoors) gas powered generator (average household electric supply varies from 20Kw to 40Kw), very thick power cable connecting to the generator the vacuum cleaner....
Vernon, May 24 2015

       Took me a while to work out that this wasn't anything to do with the dam, more likely the FBI?
not_morrison_rm, May 24 2015

       It's racist, 'and' it sucks. (+)   

       For those who don't know, in the USA a major maker of household vacuum-cleaners, for flooring, is named "Hoover". It is such a major manufacturer in the field that "to hoover" is a synonym for moving stuff via suction.
Vernon, May 24 2015

       Canadian here. I thought 'hoovering' was a Britishism.
notexactly, Jun 07 2015


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