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Jiggle mounted jewels

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Jewels are best appreciated when they catch the light, glinting and refracting to the wonderment of all. As currently designed, these glints rely on the movements of the wearer, which are generally within a certain frequency, which limits the amount of glinting possible. After watching Cookie Monsters googly eyes, it occurred to one intrepid BUNGCO engineer that we could do better.

Jiggle mounted jewels are first mounted, then held within the second mounts with tiny steel springs. Spring length and tension can be adjusted to optimize desired jiggliness. Jewels so mounted vibrate and jiggle incessantly with every movement, even the heartbeat and respiration of the wearer. The result: the apogee of googly jiggly glinting jewels! Marvel!

bungston, Jun 18 2007

reminds me of this... http://www.halfbake...gs/yoyo_20ear-rings
[po, Jun 18 2007]


       + I like it. I want a headband, bra, bathing suit...oh are you taking orders?
xandram, Jun 18 2007


       Doesn't this happen automatically when you go commando?
nuclear hobo, Jun 18 2007

       What kind of ring are you wearing, [nuclear hobo]?
fridge duck, Jun 18 2007

       wow !
sweet, Jun 18 2007

       /Doesn't this happen automatically when you go commando?/   

       In that situation, there is nothing I have found that can be adjusted to optimize desired jiggliness.
bungston, Jun 18 2007

       What about temperature?
Texticle, Jun 19 2007

       I'll give a bun for a picture of [xandram] in a jiggle mounted jewel bra, and a half dozen for the video.
nuclear hobo, Jun 19 2007

       Bras don't need anything else; they jiggle about already.
Ling, Jun 19 2007


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