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Nuclear Helicopter

Flys for 6 months! like nuclear subs!
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Put a lightweight nuclear reactor in a big transport helicopter. Recycle coolant; cool coolant with air (current reactors cool the coolant in a river after it has gone through the generator turbines). Then your helicopter can fly for a really long time! Yay! Do I hear first helicopter flight around the world without refueling???
sninctown, Nov 14 2005

(?) Nuclear Airplane http://www.aboutnuc...gi?fC=Space,History
Was mostly baked. [Worldgineer, Nov 15 2005]

More, for [wag] http://www.nuclear....lear_airplanes.html
[Worldgineer, Nov 15 2005]


       An endless thumping sound glowed through the night skies...
normzone, Nov 15 2005

       The helicopters in NYC keep crashing in the East River, and it's polluted enough already, thank you, without throwing plutonium into the mix.
DrCurry, Nov 15 2005

       //lightweight nuclear reactor// bzzt WIBNI [marked–for-cold-fusion]
lurch, Nov 15 2005

       Sp: nucular
wagster, Nov 15 2005

       Sp: unclear
wagster, Nov 15 2005

       Sp: fusebox
skinflaps, Nov 15 2005

       [lurch] I disagree that this implies cold fusion.
bristolz, Nov 15 2005

       Thanks for the link [world]. Once again I find that an idea that appears (to me) too dangerous and stupid even for the halfbakery has been developed in the real world.
wagster, Nov 15 2005

       Dangerous doesn't factor in much when designing for a nuclear war, which I assume was the intent. You'd end up with an airplane that could circle the earth for a length of time only limited by food supply (or not even that if computer controlled (shiver)). Arm it with a few dozen nuclear bombs, and it may be an effective way of winning (ha) the second round of a nuclear war.
Worldgineer, Nov 15 2005


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