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Herbicide Shoes

Herbicide Shoes: walk around your lawn stepping on weeds causing them to wilt and die within hours.
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We all hate to weed our lawns, right? But we don't want to get a reputation as the neighborhood lawn-slacker. When you have a lawn which is chock full of weeds, sometimes the easiest solution is to pull out the big guns--Roundup, a monster herbicide that kills damn near anything. Problem is, you can't simply spray it on your whole lawn because it kills the lawn too. You have to apply it only to the very precise spots you want to annihilate.

Herbicide Shoes contain a little vial of the herbicide, and a pump operated by bending your foot. Just walk around your weedy lawn and step on weeds, pressing forward on the little toe pump to give a directed squirt to the dratted weed. Weed your lawn without bending over! (A boon for those of us with bad backs).

Using a pair of Herbicide Shoes frees up your hands for other things. Wear them while mowing the lawn. Also, each shoe can contain a different substance, e.g., herbicide in right shoe and pesticide in left.

Haven't seen this anywhere, but it may be out there since Herbicide Shoes are the sort of contraption that garage tinkers would spend an afternoon building--rather than weed the lawn.

booleanfool, Apr 04 2004

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       Leave dead patches of grass at stide length intervals across your lawn...
engineer1, Apr 07 2004

Letsbuildafort, Apr 07 2004

       "Mommy, why does this water taste funny?"
echo, Apr 07 2004

       " My feet hurt...."
normzone, Apr 07 2004

       further improvement may be to put hydraulic jaw on the sole (operated by jour little pump).pump operation would make the jaw grab the weed and when you move forward, the weed would be uprooted -this would avoid use of chemical.
vedarshi, Apr 07 2004

       "Look Ma, no hands - or feet!"
FarmerJohn, Apr 08 2004

       do it but not with roundup- use a selective broadleaf herbicide...it will leave the grass living but kill those other buggers
buddymatt, May 03 2004


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