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Hex Tower Defense

Combine game of Hex, with Tower Defense
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This is a two player game, which combines aspects of the game Hex, with the Tower Defense genre of games.

The board is a rhombus of hexagons, with two non- adjacent edges belonging to the black player, and the other two edges belonging to the white player.

In the middle of each edge is a region which acts as an entrance or exit for creeps.

Players take turns, and on each turn, a player puts one defensive tower on the game board. A player may only place a tower in an empty hex that is adjacent to one of the edges he owns, or adjacent to one of his own towers.

Unlike hex, where the goal is to connect the two edges one owns, in this game, such a connection is an illegal move.

Every several rounds of tower placement, creeps appear.

Black creeps come out of the entrance in one of the black edges, and move through empty squares and black towers towards the exit on opposite edge, and white creeps come out of an entrance on the white edge, move through empty squares and white towers towards the exit on the opposite white edge.

White towers shoot at black creeps, and black towers shoot at white creeps; white creeps do not move through black towers, and black creeps do not move through white towers.

Each black creep which reaches it's exit causes white to lose a life; similarly, each white creep which reaches it's exit causes black to lose a life. Whoever runs out of lives first loses.

Furthermore, as with many tower defense games, each creep killed results in a reward of a certain number of points/credits, which may be used to upgrade towers.

As with other tower defense games, there are several tower types. Unlike most tower defense games, in hex tower defense, towers may not be sold or moved.

Towers can, however, be downgraded (which gives back some of the credits that were used to perform the upgrade), and can be "repurposed" from one tower type to another (which costs credits).

goldbb, Jan 13 2011


       Croissant, would the amount of creeps released each wave be influenced by the players or a set amount each wave?
i-Mer, Jan 13 2011

       This game would be more fun with a spherical board. Edges are so weird. Pieces could be magnetic.   

       On a computer, one could riff on the simple concept here by adding more dimensions.
bungston, Jan 13 2011

       As in a regular tower defense game, the number/type/strength of the creeps is not influenced by how the players play. Waves of creeps arrive according to a preprogrammed schedule, increasing in number, speed, strength, each round, and cycling through various creep types (normal, fast, resistant, flying, etc.); every several rounds of creeps is a boss round, with one or two extra strong creeps instead of a pack of creeps.   

       bungston, a spherical version of this game should be doable; the game board would consist of a hexagon covered sphere; four of those hexagons would be "poles," of which two would be white and two black.   

       The two white poles would be opposite from another; the two black poles would be located opposite one another and 90 degrees away from the white poles. Obviously one of each color pole would be an entrance, and the other an exit.   

       Towers would be placed on either of one's own poles, or adjacent to one's own towers.   

       In other words, aside from the shape of the game board, and the replacement of "edge" with "pole," it would be approximately the same.   

       Hmm, I wonder if the Hex board game (as opposed to the tower defense game that this idea is centered on) would be a fun game, if played on a sphere? Of course, that's a topic for a different Halfbaked Idea.
goldbb, Jan 13 2011

       Maybe one could adapt Chinese Checkers with towers. Multiplayer games could let creeps accrue points to their own side rather than detract from the rest, and the winner is first to a given score or highest score after time runs out.
bungston, Jan 13 2011

       21Q, the numbers of lives each player has, are allowed to become negative during the course of a wave of creeps. At the end of such a round, the player with the greatest number of lives (whether that's a positive number, or at least, least negative) wins. If both players ran out of lives, and have the same number, it's a tie game.   

       bungston, for a 3 multiplayer game, it would be easy enough to use a hexagonal game board instead of a rhombus, and place entrances and exits in the corners. Players (and edges, of course) would be red, green, and blue. Entrances, exits, and creeps would be cyan, magenta, and yellow (according to the mix of the two edge colors they're between).   

       Cyan would creeps move through blue and green towers as if they were empty space, and are shot at by red towers; magenta creeps move through red and blue towers as if they weren't there, and are shot at by green towers; yellow creeps move through red and green towers as if they weren't there, and are shot at by blue towers.   

       Each escaped creep causes a point to be lost by the player whose color tower should be shooting at it.   

       A spherical three player version should also be possible.
goldbb, Jan 14 2011


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