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HB 3D Game

Explore a virtual world filled with silly inventions
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I've been thinking of this for a long time. It's just too ambitious to build.

Basically: There are many 3D virtual worlds (2nd life is among them). Instead of the usual boring stuff in there, & drama, let's fill such a world exclusively with the best HB ideas, rendered & interactive.

We'd have islands of silliness, with evil-laugh activated hand dryers, tumbleweed dispensers.

Above those islands, you can take elevators to space, & see all of the great astronomy ideas we have.

We have not only a great community of inventors here, but a few of us are illustrators or hackers & could bring this world to life with proper collaboration.

If you're game, let me know what skills you'd be willing to work on, & I might actually start this with your help.

sophocles, Apr 02 2014

If you want to monetize it with micropayments https://www.dwolla.com
This outfit is doing the put-all-money-into-1-ordinary-bank-account thing (that I described in my "Quantities of Micropayments" Idea, and as a result, is offering NO fees for any transaction of $10 or less, and a fee of only 25 cents for any larger transaction. [Vernon, Apr 02 2014]

Virtual world I am working on since 2011 http://surre.al
[theircompetitor, Apr 02 2014]

And some videos http://www.youtube.com/user/SurrealGames
[theircompetitor, Apr 02 2014]

TheOddC http://blog.theoddc.com/screenshots/
a much smaller game i'm building, far less ambitious than tc's [sophocles, Apr 02 2014]


       I'm quite good at saying, "Hallo dere, Oi'm da famous Eccles", if you need someone like that.   

       I think the difficult part would be to get more people to come here than already do. The five of us are not going to make this a very (mundanely) profitable venture. Maybe the crucial issue is how much artistic ability can be recruited for the project. Without the pictures, the world out there won't be coming to consume the HB; and the denizens of this jungle seem to have a problem with too many surplus images in their heads to require more.   

       But [+]
skoomphemph, Apr 02 2014

       "You silly, twisted boy, you."   

       // too many surplus images in their heads //   

       Not to mention the insistent Voices telling them to do Naughty Things ...
8th of 7, Apr 02 2014

       The right approach would probably be to set out to make the idea non-mundanely profitable.   

       What does that mean? Well I think a HB virtual world would be utterly wonderful. I mean visualisations would be (the thing, itself, already exists -- in five different forms, too). Its being wonderful makes it a thing of value. And the whole point of profit-seeking is to secure things of value. Things such as business ventures, crime syndicates, and schemes for word domination are just indirect methods of attempting to gain things of value - like the direct value one can find deep in the ancient vaults of HB.   

       So a non-mundanely profitable 3D Halfbakery would just be one whose visualisations were not disappointing to too large a percentage of the HB asylum. An if one doesn't see things the way a particular world architect sees them, one could always make one's own.   

       === Come, Moriarty, you foolish wicked French person! We have evil deeds to perform. Come on! Stop staring at that Halfbakery and feed the Spon.
skoomphemph, Apr 02 2014

       I think I said this in an annotation on a different virtual world thread, but I absolutely would love to have an HB experience once we launch. Our launch got delayed by almost a year because I had to buy out and rescue my previous company. But we're getting there, and yes, we support Oculus -- see link
theircompetitor, Apr 02 2014

       // Stop staring at that Halfbakery and feed the Spon. //   

       Ahrrg, Grytpipe, the fumes, oh, the fumes !   

       <Continues to pile Dreddid Dynamite under Bluebottle's elastic- powered cardboard tram>
8th of 7, Apr 02 2014

       Oh! You rotten swine, you! .... Eccles, They have deaded me! Again.   

       (At which point Minnie Bannister, once the darling of the 47th Light Horse Regiment, walks in, calling for a certain Henry Crun ... )   

       Perhaps a Goon Show World would be even more of an imaginary marvel than HB-land - and even if not, it would be a congenial neighbour. For instance, it would have a trans Africa aircraft canal, and a Burami Oasis full of gin.   

       Foreman - The men are on strike. Seagoon - Well what are they doing here, then? Foreman - Oh they came in for the tea break, sir.   

       And let's not go into things like, "Here, have a gorilla."
skoomphemph, Apr 02 2014

       "Ooooh, these gorillas are strong ! Try a chimpanzee, they're milder"   

       //Goon Show World //   

       It would be wonderful, maybe it could be next to HB-World the same way that Hollywood Studios is next to Disney World. But sadly it's impossible; you can't get the wood, you know ...
8th of 7, Apr 02 2014

       No thanks, I've just put one out.   

       ... Seagoon has just picked it up.   

       It's choking him.   

       --Trans Africa canal, a jet-propelled guided NAAFI, Lurgi, Spon, Nadger, Forog, an international Christmas pudding ...   

       Not that many locations and plagues, really.
skoomphemph, Apr 02 2014

       [theircompetitor] wow. That's quite an ambitious project you're doing!   

       FYI, I'm also building a 3D game, but more for kids. (see link). It's also too ambitious & taking me too long (~6 months so far), but more for iPad, & can't store all the data & graphics that you'd need to encompass a collaborative, growing HB community.   

       [skoo]: I don't mind the HB community being small, so long as the quality is high. If I want a huge community with variable quality, I go to reddit
sophocles, Apr 02 2014

       I'm thinking we could make a really good puzzle game, a la Myst, out of these.   

       Once upon a time, this was a thriving place with hundreds of contributors. Sigh...   

       One wonders what halfbaked minecraft or other freeform easy world-building platform ideas we could create.   

       The game should feature interesting ways of disposing of feral cats.
RayfordSteele, Apr 02 2014

       Bunning this because I like the vision. But I'm useless at everything so I can't help out. Sorry, but true.
blissmiss, Apr 02 2014

       // feral //   

       Sp. "all"
8th of 7, Apr 02 2014

       well, [sophocles], been bumping in my head since Snow Crash, finally got to a point that I can do something about it -- And Mark Z sure helping to put some excitement into it :)
theircompetitor, Apr 02 2014

       I frequently imagine the 'bakery as a big university-style institution (of the English fashion, with lots of ancient buildings filled with professors who study arcane subjects at a very leisurely pace and never seem to actually teach any classes), with various academic departments and countless facilities for testing, debate, and general larking about. Wandering these hallowed halls, you could open a door to find Lord Maxwell and Professor Beanangel bickering about the quantum effects of non-Newtonian photon bombardment on the chromosomes of a Portuguese Man'o'War, then cross the quad to watch the HB Gun Club test their prototype 210mm Recoilless Jellyfish Rifle. This idea is more or less what I have in mind.
Alterother, Apr 02 2014

       We'll reserve the boarded-up attic room with the little iron grille in the door specially for you, [Alt].
8th of 7, Apr 04 2014


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