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Air powered lawnmower?
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Instead of highly polluting 2cycle engines, use an air powered motor... But I have no idea what pressures you have to work with or how dangerous it would be.
mhh5, Oct 28 2000

air powered car http://news.bbc.co....2000/992431.stm#map
air powered car [mhh5, Oct 28 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I guess the idea is that you'd have an efficient, nonpolluting electric air compressor in your house to refuel the thing? (Or municipal compressed-air service?) This certainly seems suitable for more than lawnmowers. (Ideal for leaf blowers!)
egnor, Oct 28 2000

       Damn, what a neat idea! I want one...   

       Would stop people from burning their lips when they were trying to blow up cars...
StarChaser, Oct 28 2000


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