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Leaf Blower Exhaust Extractor

Suck out exhuast with the big fan
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I've noticed that backpack type leaf blowers have rather smelly and noisy two-stroke engines with mufflers that point out directly behind the user.

Why not connect the motor's exhaust pipe to the ductwork of the large fan it drives? The fast-moving and low-pressure air would suck out the exhaust fumes, providing a better scavenging effect and, if designed propperly, buringing up many of the remaining hydrocarbons. It might even cut down on the noise a bit. You would just need to make sure the gasses have cooled enough by the time they get to the leaf blower nozzle to keep the leaves from catching fire.

It would also be possible to make another, smaller impeller fan that would run off of the same shaft and work as a supercharger.

discontinuuity, Oct 27 2005


       I don't think so, at least not any more than the leaves still on trees would absorb the exhaust normally. I think it would still be better for the exhaust to come out faster with a higher volume of air.
discontinuuity, Oct 28 2005

       [jscottpete] I think you're right. Burnt oily leaves probably arent too good for kids to play with...   

       Plus: "Leaf Blower" = object with oily combustion engine to blow leaves "Blow" = air "Oily Dry Leaves" = fuel "Combustion Engine" = fire Air + Fuel + Fire = MORE FIRE ! (I haven't decidied if thats a + or - yet !)
JoeyJoJoShabadoo, Oct 28 2005

       I think you're over-estimating the ammount of unburned fuel and oil in the exhaust. While two-stroke boats and snowmobiles can make large oily deposits behind the exhaust, leaf blower engines are only about 25 to 50 cc.
discontinuuity, Oct 28 2005


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