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Hide-And-Seek Game Citywide

Imagine your typical game of hide-and-seek played in multiple city blocks with cars!
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I just got my account, so stay with me while I dump all of my ideas floating in my little brain.

This one has got to be original. Imagine your typical game of hide-and-seek played around 4 or 5 downtown city blocks. The game would go like this:

Get all of the players and their cars in a parking lot. Pick who will hide and who will seek. Everyone will have to make notes on what the other cars look like. Cell phone numbers will be exchanged. Agree on boundaries for the game. Move out and leave a bunch of cars behind counting up to 4,000! Then have those cars go about driving around trying to spot the oponents. If they spot someone, they'll call them on the cell with the usual "you're hit!". The last car to be hit buys the first round!

Now, how's this for a complete waste og gas? I say we do it just to show the big "Oil Companies" they cannot intimidate us with their pricing tactics!

Sprokets, Apr 27 2005


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po, Apr 27 2005


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