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The Scream

Pay it forward
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Like a long, drawn out game of hide-and-go-seek, this one involves a singular person who is initially "it". Doing whatever is needed to impress themselves, they will hide in closets, car trunks, break rooms, and under beds of a single unsuspecting victim. The person launches a most threatening scream, aiming for the recipient to either hurl an object, strike with fists or nails, or simply cower. Once the cream is over, the recipient is now "it", being obligated to pay it forward a few days later after a recipient has been identified. I'd call the game when someone pulls a gun out, someone has a heart attack or the person who is "it" just doesn't have quite enough bravado.
twitch, Mar 24 2020


       // when someone pulls a gun out //   

       It's OK to shoot, right ? "Justifiable" ?   

       What about martial arts, or edged weapons ? Sleeping with a combat knife under your pillow is far from unknown.*   

       *and makes you realize why all your friends warned you not to date her. As if Ziva David is a good role model for an assistant librarian**.   

       **In a regular public library, not one where the Librarian is covered in red hair and says "Oook !" a lot....
8th of 7, Mar 24 2020

       //Hey now, hey now, don’t scream, it’s over// Now *that*'s a good one.
pertinax, Mar 25 2020

       Someone needs to paint a new version of the Scream where he's not touching his face.
RayfordSteele, Mar 29 2020


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