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Office Hide & Seek

Makes the day just fly by.
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Just like your traditional hide and seek, but played during working hours in the office environment. Leaving the Vicinity of the building is cheating, with the last one to be found being the victor.

Humorous alternatives may include office sardines and not so humorous consequences may arise from being told you hath gotten the sack whilst you squat behind the photocopier in conference room b.

roy of royworld, Oct 24 2005


       I've had employees who played this game. But not for long.
DrCurry, Oct 24 2005

       I will suggest it as soon as I return to work.
wagster, Oct 24 2005

       reminds me of a game we used to play at school, wherein a student had to try to make it from one side of the classroom to the other without being noticed by the teacher.   

       the most sucessful technique was generally to crawl underneath the protection of the back row tables, waiting for the opportune 'back turned' moment to sprint in a speedy crawl across the exposed aisles between tables.   

       once you reach the other side, you've won. of course, somehow you still have to get back again unnoticed, otherwise cover will be blown and the game will be discovered.   

       vaiations include a one-on-one race version, tag teams, and a 'the maximum risk zone ultimate challenge'.   

       could this be adapted to the office environment?
daaisy, Oct 24 2005

       Here in the US, this has been played from time to time*, with the American variation: "Guns".   

       (* even in the post office)
sophocles, Oct 25 2005


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