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Hide and go Reek!

A fun game using your nose.
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All participants (except whomever is 'it'), are equipped with a device which exudes a powerful and unique odor from their person. Everyone is allowed bicycles to roam around the neighborhood. Scent provides larger playing fields as the seeker has added ability.
daseva, Oct 24 2007


       No offence intended, but don't dogs already do this?
+ for anthropomorphic transmogrification.
csea, Oct 24 2007

       OK, 50, how about if you can only hide and/or seek on the bike, but any tag/evasion must be done on foot.
daseva, Oct 24 2007

       Does it have to stink? Or can it be a good odor?
Spacecoyote, Oct 24 2007

       OK, well it would be nice if you weren't in a hateful relationship with her sister to begin with but shit happens and now you must show your dedication to professionalism and you should be fine. Faith in yourself helps, too. Get to the manager faster next time anything like this happens, methinks.   

       [Spacecoyote], it can smell like whatever you want. Lemme guess, Spacebunny?   

       [csea], cool words... meaning I've changed anthropomorphism? Like, changed "hey, look at those dogs sniffing around like dogs", to "hey, look at those dogs sniffing around like humans playing hide and go REEK!!!" "Yeah, let's go play right now, woot!!" "F yeah!!"
daseva, Oct 24 2007

       [daseva] I don't think you've changed any fundamental meanings, I just intended a compliment on transforming one animal behavior to another. Brava!   

       Maybe caniomorphism? !!
csea, Oct 24 2007

       Anything that can stimulate the brain via prehistoric modes is bound to generate a few new high level thoughts . Scent hang time and concentration differential may be a problem .
wjt, Oct 24 2007

       Good luck, [21 Quest].
pertinax, Oct 24 2007

       just give them all bean burritos before play time.
k_sra, Oct 24 2007

       <csea> Is there a bicycle dogs can use with out human aide ?
popbottle, May 17 2015

       Ah, another missing [21Quest] anno. Somebody tell me what scent he was using ?
normzone, May 17 2015

       dammit, Rover keeps winning: whose idea was it to invite the dog ?
FlyingToaster, May 18 2015

       One thing I like about the Half-Bakery is that it gives me something to do with those strange-but-plausible dreams I had back in my teens. So I remembered one of those dreams and, oh look! here it is.   

       In my dream she doused herself with citrus perfume and hid in the woods. Took her clothes off first, of course. I mean, I was a teenage boy having this dream. Gave me lots of in-scent-ive to find her.
Xenophile, Jan 03 2019


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