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Image Macro Classification + URI scheme

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Just as there is a data URI scheme and magnet uri that looks like

>> data: [<MIME-type>] [;charset=<encoding>] [;base64], <data>

>> data:text/html, Hi and <b>Hello World</b> to you my friend

>> magnet:? xt= urn:sha1: YNCKHTQCWBTRNJIV4WNAE52SJUQCZO5C

Lets have one for encoding image macros.


Two things we need

1. A system similar to MIME-TYPE, for classifying imagemacros and how it should be treated. This will be managed by a trusted international organization dedicated to image macros, and it's classification. e.g.

>> imgmacro-type: dog/doge

2. A uri for image macros e.g.

>> imgmacro: dog/doge? msg=wow;much+ cake;such+delish & src-template = example.com/doge-template.png

This looks for a template of "dog/doge" classification in caech. If not then look at src-template, and fall back to a default imagemacro server.

Once a template is found, it loads the message in, and renders it.

This hopefully will be accepted inside <img> tags as well!

What this would allow for is faster loading image macros of common sayings. And also easier remixing!

mofosyne, May 03 2015

URI scheme https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/URI_scheme
[mofosyne, May 03 2015]

Data URI https://en.wikipedi...iki/Data_URI_scheme
[mofosyne, May 03 2015]

Magnet URI https://en.wikipedi...i/Magnet_URI_scheme
[mofosyne, May 03 2015]

Internet Media Type https://en.wikipedi...Internet_media_type
[mofosyne, May 03 2015]

In internet culture, an Image macro is an image superimposed with text for humorous effect.[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image_macro
[mofosyne, May 05 2015]


       I've seen the word "macro" pop up throughout my career, initially as a runnable/recordable Excel script, then as a substitutable bit of pre- processor fluff in c source-code files, then as a kind of lens in cameras, or as a description of big economics, and now as something else - what gives?   

       And given this wide (and probably not exhaustive) range of uses, is it about time we demoted "macro" to a similar status as the French "truc" or English "thingie"?   

       Also, regards this idea, in what sense are you using the word "macro"?   

       [edit] OK, I looked it up - finally. Turns out a macro is a small thing that replaces another (normally larger) thing.
zen_tom, May 05 2015

       The common understanding about the definition of "image macro" comes from wikipedia.   

       An image macro is: "In internet culture, an Image macro is an image superimposed with text for humorous effect."   

       Wikipage added to annotation.
mofosyne, May 05 2015

       The relevant definition of 'macro' is 'something that can be repeated easily', and image macros use the same image repeatedly with different text. It's kinda like how you can use an Excel macro repeatedly on different data.
notexactly, May 29 2015


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