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instant collaborator

video chat with verified stranger for production of ideas in a voice chat
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have a website for both voice chat and video to instantly connect to people who are verified and are acceptable to guidelines and boundarys, have critera, nonprofit community.

beable to find new friends, live stream, no requirements for live streaming like tik tok, but same requirements like rpan on reddit.

help people create music, be apart of a team, everything be free. multipurpose site, it is not like social media, maybe it is, but a site for adivce, to create a better view on life and create positive impact on self and others.

soniiiety, Dec 01 2021


       //people who are verified and are acceptable// I feel this might be a problem. I envisage logging on day after day and find no-one else there. After all how many people on here would pass those guidelines and boundaries?   

       Welcome though, to the halfbakery.
pocmloc, Dec 01 2021

       well i think there would be alot of people on it, it would be a almost perfect platform to start a small project, it really depends, but i wish this was real.
soniiiety, Dec 01 2021

       Welcome to the Halfbakery, but try and explain more in your ideas as to how they would "work" ie what does "verified" mean? Many bots are capable of being verified and may be operated by Ai generated algorithms. This is how the Russians elected Trump in the first place, so how will your network counter that? The Chinese in particular are years ahead of every other country with Ai research and implimentation and will weaponise any network to their advantage.
xenzag, Dec 01 2021


       Please don't
Voice, Dec 01 2021

       Trump – the bot that never stops giving.....take it up with Putin his string operator.
xenzag, Dec 01 2021

       This idea trumps many others, but rum people strum petulantly, trumpetting untru "mph"s and "ugh"s to Try (Rather Unsuccessfully) Making Points.   

       Anyway this is the nub of the matter; I suspected the vetting would exclude everyone except me; [xen] assumed the vetting would allow an infinite number of bots in. Presummably the actual aim would be something inbetween.
pocmloc, Dec 01 2021

       [Deleted] This annotation had a sentence that was too long.
scad mientist, Dec 01 2021

       The "fake" is so realistic these days, pretty much the only way to verify a "real person" is by another real person, in real life.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 01 2021

       I keep reading the title as Infant Collaborator....
xenzag, Dec 01 2021

       That's just Freudian...   

       Thirty years ago, when the Worldwide Web was new, the whole web was intended to be approximately this idea.   

       Then people happened.
pertinax, Dec 02 2021

       how do i post longer sentences like you scad mientist????
soniiiety, Dec 02 2021

       After you have posted 10 ideas, or received 50 [+] votes, you earn the right to post sentences with more than 15 words in them, though whether that is an ability that is worth having or even working towards, remains to be seen, and in any case I strongly recommend that at least at the beginning you restrict yourself to one word sentences, perhaps for the first week or so anyway, until you feel able to move up to sentences with two words or perhaps even three, though many people here might consider the jump from one word sentences to three word sentences without an interim period of writing or composing and posting two word sentences could be seen as presumptious or even disrespectful to the reading tolerance and attention span of some of the less prolix-minded visitors to this august and respected institution of learning, education, entertainment and world domination and ultimate hastening of the heat death of the universe.
pocmloc, Dec 02 2021

       ah yes, pocmloc, they are also called hiveminds, i am spiritual. well i wish i could expand on questions, but sadly i dont have enough space.
soniiiety, Dec 02 2021

       if you would like to know more about my idea, you may add me on discord, from there you could help post idea onto here since you have a size for words. digeridoo#2974
soniiiety, Dec 02 2021

       //sadly i dont have enough space//   

       Send us a postcard when they've decanted you into a bigger box.
pertinax, Dec 02 2021

       Treon alert! //ah yes, pocmloc, they are also called hiveminds, i am spiritual. well i wish i could expand on questions, but sadly i dont have enough space.//
xenzag, Dec 04 2021

       what does treon mean????
soniiiety, Dec 06 2021

       Ah if anyone knew that they would have the key to this place.
pocmloc, Dec 06 2021


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