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intranet domain name *.local

editing your hostfile doesn't count
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I'm sure there is surely some actual way for doing this. But I haven't yet.

Would be nice to be able to configure a lan dns, that is restricted to *.lan only so you can easily host local lan only sites or services by your router in a human friendly manner.

e.g. http://helloworld.myhome.local

could mDNS do this possibly?

mofosyne, Feb 04 2016

Using .local for internal websites https://serverfault...r-internal-websites
Is this what you mean? [tatterdemalion, Feb 04 2016]


       Not sure I understand. It's already possible to access other computers on the network by using [computer- name].local, at least with Macs. Are you proposing to extend that to allow hosting of intranet websites that aren't necessarily 1:1 with physical computers?   

       Corporate intranets, I think, usually just have a DNS server that, as well as serving general DNS to the company, maps something like internal.company.com or company-intranet.net to an internal IP address.
notexactly, Feb 04 2016


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