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Hydraulic tipsy chairs

For better postures
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At some point in time, most kids rock on their chairs in schools. This can be remedied with the tipsy chair, all four legs are extendable - the two right legs are linked with a small hydraulic chamber, likewise with the two left legs.
These chairs would be used in the first 2 or 3 years of school life rather than all through-out school (keeping costs down), if children lean back to rock on their chairs, the rear legs will be pushed upwards, while at the same time the front legs will extend downwards, tipping the child from it's seat.
This teaches children from a young age not to rock on their chairs, and encourages good posture.
fridge duck, Sep 14 2005


       never mind good posture, I fear broken necks.   

       little buggars - this is I fear a world-wide problem.   

       I wish I had a pound (sterling) for every time I have given a tipped-back chair a shake.   

       whoever fished this must hate kids...or must be a kid!
po, Sep 14 2005

       Broken necks seem a little over the top, in the time I was in school I never saw worse than a headache from falling off a chair.
fridge duck, Sep 14 2005

       The concept sounds good. But I fear that this chair might stimulate the young ones into thinking of it as a free ride. Especially with my nieces and nephews- they'd end up using it as a toy! Thus frustrating me even more
chocolateraindrops, Sep 14 2005

       seatbelts would not solve this as the child is moving backwards towards a hard place not forwards.
po, Sep 15 2005

       Or just give all kids those big leather executive chairs that rock back on springs. On second thoughts I'll bun your idea.
wagster, Sep 15 2005

       Why is rocking-back-on-your-chair such a terrible thing to do anyway?
squeak, Sep 15 2005

       //Why is rocking-back-on-your-chair such a terrible thing to do anyway?//   

       Depends on where the chair is positioned.   



       "thump, thump, thump, thump"   

       "crack, thump, thump, thump"   

       "thump, crack, {{{SPLASH}}} !"   

       <starts swimming>
skinflaps, Sep 15 2005

       i see broken necks. fishy.
FireElf, Jul 26 2006

       Damn, my hydraulic chair is tipsy again. I probably shouldn't have left it with the vodka.
hidden truths, Jul 27 2006


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