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High speed Hovercraft/Hover car

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This craft sucks the air from front rather than top and pushes it down creating the air cusion. This should reduce wind drag that howercrafts face. Sucking the air from front should :

1. Reduce the wind drag substantially,IMO (assuming entire frontal area acts as a opening for suction). 2. create forward propulsion.

In summary, it is like a jet engine bent in the middle.

VJW, Jun 27 2011

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       "intaking" is not a word.   

       You're going to have to explain "Howercraft" too.
FlyingToaster, Jun 27 2011

       Reducing the wind drag of a hovercraft isn't neccesarily a good idea; in fact, they use drag as a braking mechanism, which is important for a vehicle that doesn't exactly stop on a time as it is.   

       When dreaming up new ways to make vehicles go faster, always remember: they have to slow down and stop, too. That's why race car designers spend as much time on brakes as they do on engines.
Alterother, Jun 27 2011

       Utterly baked to a crisp in that Christopher Cockerell's very first working model hovercraft had the air intake at the front - so in a sense, this idea predates the invention of the hovercraft itself!
spidermother, Jun 27 2011

       I vote for making "intaking" a word! Like, "hey, I'm in-taking a shower."
xandram, Jun 28 2011

       I was always told it was unhygenic to drink from the domestic hot water supply.
pocmloc, Jun 28 2011

the (poss. involuntary) act of allowing an insect, or other airborne creature or particle of debris, to enter one's mouth or nares, becoming lodged there or passing through into the nasopharynx, esophagus or trachea; usually when such act occurs due to one's motion in or on an open conveyance, such as a biplane, horse, mortorcycle, surfboard, hovercraft, &c.
lurch, Jun 28 2011


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